Lines in the snow

Near Bresler Reservoir

As the sun came from behind the clouds this morning I was out with my camera, watching the sun and clouds. I noticed the lines of the road, the wires, the poles, the ridge of the reservoir, and the marks in the snow from recent sledding episodes.  Today most of that snow melted away.  

Frosted lace

Queen Anne has a new crown, filled with the finest of diamonds.
See how she dances with joy?
Queen Ann lace frost
 And she shares it with all her subjects.
The joy, the beauty, the happiness.
I have some happiness to share, too!
A few of my images are for sale over at Vision and Verb, and all the profit goes to support Kiva.  I personally have ordered some cards from Vision and Verb just recently.  Very nice quality images on good card stock, all 5 x 7, blank inside, envelopes included.  
The good thing? Even if the card doesn’t last, the benefits to other people around the world will.

Winter beauty

Winter at Faurot Park 
 Sharing a bit of winter beauty this lovely morning. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
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