Six Word Fridays ~ Find

Lion's Beuth Park

When winter is all around you,
even if there is no snow,
you have to find the beauty.
Lion's Beuth Park
You may have to search high,
you may have to search low.
Lion's Beuth Park
On a recent, sunny winter day
I went out to the park.
Railroad car bridge at Lion's Beuth Park
Near the pond I could hear
the creek and groan of ice
that coated the green pond water.
Railroad car bridge at Lion's Beuth Park
Standing on the railroad car bridge
the morning breeze made me chill.
Lion's Beuth Park
I long to see this view
on a lazy, warm summer day.

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What does it mean if – – –

It’s a sunny, blue sky, beautiful winter day here.  There is not much thawing going on, so lots of snow still covers the ground.  There are huge mounds of it all over the place where snow plows have made way through the foot or so that we have accumulated here. 
We came back to the house today and saw a group of squirrels making tunnels in all that white stuff, looking for food.  Since our neighborhood is full of big, beautiful oak trees we kind of have a smorgasbord here for critters…acorns every where you step. 
peek-a-boo squirrel

They can be fun to watch, and they are also a bother.  

Now that I have seen them out playing and foraging, I only have one question….

What does it mean if a squirrel sees its shadow, 
at noon, 
in Ohio, 
on February 15th?

Punkstawnee Squirrel

Please let me know.  Especially if it means anything about snow going away…..


Winter Collage

winter collage
Ice hanging from the sides of houses, 
a foot of snow from multiple snow storms
and beautiful, lace-like frost
touching the smallest things
and bringing them into winter light.
Even though I’m ready for spring
I can still see the beauty of this winter season.
How about you?
How would you summarize winter in an image?

Finding Color

color in winter

Walking in the park on a Sunday afternoon,
snow crunching under my feet,
my breathe visible in the air,
I found myself craving color, yearning for something different
than black and white.
Once I turned my attention to the colors of winter
I found fabulous colors in so many places….
Above, below, all around.
All I had to do was notice.