The Week in Review

Here are some of my best images from this week…
Fresh strawberries from a local fruit stand. They were as delicious as the appear.
A reflection of the evening sky in a pond at a favorite park…
Light and shadow in the setting sun on these old pine trees…
And these adorable “coots” found by the water’s edge at the reservoir last week.
How was Your week?

Sharing a Favorite or Two

Here are some links I want to share with you along with a photo……

Recently I read a post on a favorite blog called The Kat Eye View of the World.  Kat was giving away some beautiful Florentine papers, and all you had to do to be ‘entered’ was comment on her post.

Yesterday, to my great surprise, I was notified that my name was randomly drawn to win these papers!  (Okay, this is where you say “ooohhh, aahhhh”,etc, etc.) What fun!

If you, like me, are interested in photography and creativity, you will want to look at Kat’s blog. She is an excellent photographer and shares her passion and what she has learned along the way. 

And Julia has written a very touching, moving post about a prayer for Japan. Please take time to read her post. 

This article on The Three H’s of Talent sort of stepped on my toes.  Quite true, and very eye opening.  

And this, especially for Mark, is a very cute comment by a little boy about 4 leaf clovers. I now know what happens to that 4th leaf. 

A few days ago, in the Picture Inspiration Class, I shared this image of an antique pitcher that belonged to my grandparents.  The prompt was about looking for a motif, a pattern.  The motif in this lovely old pitcher really stands out to me.  I love the pattern with it irregularities, and the creamy colored background with these rich blues.  It’s a favorite treasure.

Have a fabulous Saturday!

Stuff I have enjoyed this week

I follow several of my favorite blogs by using Google Reader. Below is a list of some articles (links to them) that I have enjoyed and want to share with you.

Here is a great article about getting “unstuck” …but it is not about getting your car unstuck from the snow and ice!

Fabulous article on photographing people here.

If you own a pet that has muddy feet you’ll love Lindsay.

Great article on turning off the negative voices in your head, what I affectionately call “The Committee”.

A story of a family and one of their favorite memories, and the suggestion to perform an act of silliness, I really recommend reading this.

A Little of This and That

The sun shining across a piece of farm land just does something to me, and then when it is near the end of the day and that light shines through some trees I feel like I’m seeing some of the most beautiful stuff on this earth. I share this with you here because I hope maybe the beauty of that moment can bring some light into your life, too.  

I want to share with you some of what I’ve been reading and enjoying online lately, ’cause maybe you can find more good stuff there, as well.

There is some great poetry and stuff here.  

And for a simply beautiful Valentine photo click here. For even more wonderful, inspirational photos I love to what Bridget has to post.

This post about vulnerability and courage really speaks to my heart. 

There are some really neat little sculptures available from ArtMind here, along with some great tutorials for making stuff. 

More good photos, actually a new one for each day here. And to learn more about digital photography I have been checking out the articles on this site.

I have read this book by Kelly Rae Roberts and been inspired.  And there are some great creative ideas on this blog.