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detail on house

Even though the temperature yesterday was below freezing it was a lovely winter day.  We did the Sunday Afternoon Drive…my hubby and I…so that we could be outdoors and enjoy the sun.  There was a fabric store and book store trip involved, but the point is we were out and about.  

This image is from that ride, as we drove by a fabulous older home in another town.  He did the driving, I did the shooting.  I’d love to see how that tower looks from the inside.

I don’t do the ‘drive by’ method of shooting photos often, but yesterday went pretty well.  Having a bright, sunny day helped.  

Here is how I set my camera:

Using my 50mm lens, in TV or shutter priority mode, with the shutter speed set at 1/500, I was able to get a few decent images without any blur.  (The camera chose ISO 200, f/10, because I was in shutter priority mode.)   I kept the lens on auto focus.

Have you tried shooting photos from a moving car?  How successful were you?  Any good tips to share?

Links to stuff

Here are a few links to some things I just want to share with you.

I came across this link to a book about Google+, and you can download the ebook for free for a limited time.  If you are trying to learn more about Google+ this is a great resource.

Love this brief story by Paulo Coelho.

Found another photography blog that I really like here.

My online friend, Teresa, inspires me with her artwork.

Brenda, who visits here often, has an inspiring post and images here.

I leave you with this photo of some rust…and can someone tell my why rust is so interesting? For some reason, with my renewed interest in photography, my eye is always drawn to rusty metal these days.  Hmmm, maybe there is a photo project waiting to be had…

Have a great weekend!

Some links, and what about Pinterest?

I have read a couple of online articles dealing with photography that I think are worth sharing.  Maybe the information in these can help you in understanding your digital camera…as it has helped me.

The Histogram. Histo – what? you say….

Here is an simple article that tells what it is, what is shows, and why it is important. Click here to read it. 

Also related to the histogram, from the same website, a brief article on shooting intentionally “to the right” and what that means.  Click here.

This photo, taken with my LG phone while waiting for my decaf coffee at McDonald’s is clearly not taken with the histogram in mind.  But it was fun to take it anyway. And I can’t seem to put up a blog post without some kind of photo….

Here is an article about perspective, and about getting closer or on the level of a child to get a good image.  It’s worth it just to look at the photo of the little guy playing with his cars!

I have just completed a phenomenal online course, Mondo Beyondo, that is all about giving yourself permission to dream.  The benefits of that course will no doubt show in some way as I continue this adventure in photography, blogging, writing, and becoming more aware.  While you can’t see the course content, you can at least read a bit about it by following that link.

And now for the question I have for those who read this…

What is your opinion about Pinterest? Like? Dislike?  Are there pros and cons about it that you wish to share?   

Have great weekend!