Road Trip!

This afternoon Mark and I spent a couple hours at a place West of Findlay, Ohio, called the Litzenberg Memorial Woods. If you live anywhere near this place and have not been there please take the time to check it out.  We enjoyed a nice walk in the woods followed by a a tour of the historic farm house.  

There are many more photos from today but this is the one I want to share this evening. My main focus was the fence, and there just happened to be sheep inside that fence.  

Such a lovely pastoral scene that brings to mind some favorite passages about being protected, cared for, held in love and grace. Do you have a favorite image or a favorite writing that gives you that comfort? I’d love it if you would share it by leaving a comment here.  

What We Hold

There is a wisdom within us that knows, that guides, that we must listen for. And we must trust it. This image, this art, came to me from a recent dream.  

As I created this, the darkness was easy to create. The blackness, the shadows, the shards of wrong, of mistakes, of things that have not been forgiven.  I tried to make that darkness look pretty. But it is not.

Then the white light. I painted it, added the water of life, to let it drip, to pour over my darkness. And I kept trying to keep the darkness ‘dark’. I blotted off the white and added more darkness. Why?

Because it is hard to believe that the darkness can be washed, that the dark in me can be cleansed, too.

So I went back, added more white and living water and allowed it to go deep into my darkness, to reach into and wash over me, dripping, saturating, seeping into all that stuff of life. And the darkness accepts it.

Wisdom says that it is the stuff of life that helps reveal the true self, if we allow it to. And at that edge where we are touched by that light and see all our stuff that we have held onto, we begin to understand that what we hold is what controls us. We can’t hold both fear and love simultaneously.

Embrace love and let go of fear.


Detail of mask created at Arti-Gras 2011.

and connecting
from my dreams.
I am conscious
and I am unconscious.
I have an outer life
and I have an inner life.
And they combine.
It’s all part of me.
From those depths
of the unconscious
pour out
the creativity, the beauty.
I must listen.
I must be open
and aware,
for to close 
my eyes and ears to that mystery
is to die, to stagnate.
But I am here
ready to fly, to soar.
Emerging, opening, and allowing.
So much energy in
what I express and how I say it. 
Power in words.
Learning to live with this awareness, 
this beautiful knowledge
that life is
more than I can ever say.

– Deborah L. Tisch, 2/26/11

Experiencing the Divine

We were talking at lunch today, my hubby and I, exploring the subject of The Divine
and how you would show it in an image. Just thinking to yourself about The Divine, The
Source, That Power, (whatever name you insert here for it), brings lots of thoughts to the

As you can guess, this topic came up because my photography assignment for today
is called “Simply Divine”. The challenge is to capture an image in a photo that best
shows the Divine in your everyday life. Mark and I usually spend some time each day
discussing the project and looking at the choices.

Our conversation included images made by man, images connected to religious
organizations and doctrine, some very negative and some very beautiful. For each of us
sees The Divine in different ways…wonderful, unique, individual images shaped by our
own faith journeys.

I have to confess that I don’t often listen well when others are talking. While my husband
was speaking of his image of The Divine, sharing his wisdom and knowledge of what he
knows on the topic, I suddenly had the thought that I was witnessing the Divine right in
front of me.

Then I listened more deeply. My eyes actually filled with tears and I became uncharacteristically quiet. Sitting before me is this man who once told me he loved me for the person I am, not for what I had done in the past.

Already I had been thinking of photos I could set up and take of forms of light, of the minute details of a flower petal, of a blanket of snow covering the trees, all with potential to show my own concept of The Divine. And later in the day I actually did do this, but they just don’t compare with that experience of sitting at the table with my best friend.

In the movie “The Sound Of Music” there is a line in the song “How Do You Solve A
Problem Like Maria?” that seems to summarize my thought here.

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you hold a moon beam in your hand?

No matter what the artists have depicted in times past, no matter what photos I post to
describe my sense of that which is Holy, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pin it down.