Sharing Peace

A few years ago while singing with the local symphony choir,
the words of a certain musical piece touched my heart. 
The phrases we had to repeat over and over were
“May I be peaceful, may you be peaceful, may we be peaceful…”
Today this is my prayer for each of you. 
I so appreciate the love and support that have come from all of you.
Some I’m fortunate enough to know in person and see each week.
Some are friends far away that I have shared my soul with from time to time.
And some I have never met in person but feel a special connection with
because of what we enjoy together in this online community.
I carry each of you in my heart.
I hope that in the next few days as Christmas approaches
you will each find time to enjoy a peaceful moment or two.
Sending you love and peace…

Timeless message

In honoring the love, light, and source that makes it all possible, I captured this candle light today. Then I found this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King that really spoke to me. It may not be a “holiday” message, but it certainly is timeless.

Big Picture Classes


In spite of seemingly impossible conditions
sometimes growth happens anyway.
This just shows me that something deeper,
something much more profound
is in control. If we are persistent,
reaching into those depths 
in spite of seemingly impossible conditions,
will we not grow as well?
Sharing what came to me through my lens this morning.
I invite you to share your thoughts here.
When you see something like this what comes to your heart?
Blessings to you this day.

We are all vessels

We are all vessels, placed here to receive, 
and then compelled to share the gifts we have been given.
Living water, abundant, nourishing streams of life,
welling up within us waiting to burst forth.
May you have the courage and the wisdom
to share your abundance this day.
Deborah L. Tisch
June 6, 2011