Winter Textures

Snow texture
The weather in every season impacts us in so many ways.  We often say we have had too much of this or that, as in snow and cold and ice.  When we’re in the middle of that weather fatigue it can be very difficult to see any beauty about it.
Some days, though, we can, if we take the time to look.  The texture of the snow in the afternoon sun is what we found last weekend.
Tree roots in snow
The contrasts in light and shadow here on the base of this tree mesmerized me.  Not just the snow texture, but also the bark, the skin of that tree in all it’s variations of gray and brown.
Red barn in winter
Not all barns are red anymore.  The color in contrast with the winter surroundings just made this scene pop for me.  And I want to walk up to it and touch that wood, feel the roughness on my hand… and take a look inside, maybe climb that ladder.  
                                                                                                         Care to join me?