Six Word Fridays ~ Find

Lion's Beuth Park

When winter is all around you,
even if there is no snow,
you have to find the beauty.
Lion's Beuth Park
You may have to search high,
you may have to search low.
Lion's Beuth Park
On a recent, sunny winter day
I went out to the park.
Railroad car bridge at Lion's Beuth Park
Near the pond I could hear
the creek and groan of ice
that coated the green pond water.
Railroad car bridge at Lion's Beuth Park
Standing on the railroad car bridge
the morning breeze made me chill.
Lion's Beuth Park
I long to see this view
on a lazy, warm summer day.

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Six Word Fridays – Color

Whispering Green
At first
I hear what seems to be
the sound of sweet laughter
childlike and free,
and turning
I find that to my distress
there’s no child or other, no one to confess.
So on about living my life, I go,
the daily grind,
and well worn roads,
taking for granted those oft seen things
that seem to be constant, and never change.
once the snow has melted away,
the cold wet ground, uncovered, but gray,
that sweet quiet laughter 
haunts me again,
that brief little whisper of earlier, the same.
I open my eyes
and my heart
as I go
along those habitual pathways I’ve known.
As the raindrops are falling and soaking the ground,
as I travel that path 
where the grass has been brown,
though I’ve seen it before, 
this season of life,
I often forget all its beauty and light.
My eyes quickly notice a faint tinge of green
where the brown grass of winter 
is yielding to spring.
That whisper of laughter returns, loud and clear,
while the earth comes to life,
as it does every year. 
 Deborah L. Tisch, April 2014.
spring flowers in the rain

For the month of April I am joining other writers at Camp NaNoWriMo ( My goal is to write a poem every day.  I asked my Facebook friends for some “prompts” and a photographer friend offered the words “whispering green”.  This poem was inspired by those words. If you have other prompts you would like to offer please leave them in a comment!