Scavenging yet again

I just like the curve of our sidewalk, but Yeller thought it would look better this way.

This does it for me. 
Being outdoors, by the water, viewing scenes like this, with my hubby.
Pure bliss.

Initials once carved on this tree have changed over time as the tree has grown.
I wonder where those lovers are now and what has become of them? How have they changed?

Close Up
A brightly colored tennis ball…that I recently used in the dryer as I dried my down jacket.
It’s warm enough now that I don’t have to wear it!  

With a Mirror
A simple three letter word, a title with immense responsibilities attached, 
and a priceless gift never to be taken for granted.
Happy Mom’s Day!

Scavenger hunting

This butterfly was casting his little shadow and spreading his wings yesterday.
The Key(s) to Improving Your Photography Skills
Okay, I’m taking editorial privileges here… 
Yesterday I spent most of the day with my two photography friends. 
We agreed that one of the best ways to learn more about this hobby is to spend
time with people who share your passion, get out and go somewhere, take photos,
and ask each other “how did you do that?”  

While we were at Magee Marsh yesterday there were hundreds of birders, too.
We had smiles on our faces as we enjoyed watching this crowd.  
But what really made us smile…….
…was finding and photographing birds like this Thrush.
…and watching this new little family take a swim.  Can’t you see the smiles on their little faces?
Unedited (SOOC)
A favorite of mine from yesterday is this red winged black bird. I will edit this one, but saved it in it’s original state for today.  

This school of little fish was found in the Magee Marsh area yesterday when we
were on a hike.  It was amazing to watch them moving together.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4-22


Something that makes me smile…
this pair of cardinals on our bird feeder

This modern day covered wagon (with rubber tires!), antique transportation.

The splash of raindrops on this phlox

In the sun

Scavenger Hunt time!

The prompts for today are simple, grain, transportation, stitch, and bubble(s).    

I chose this photo of my grandson, taken over Easter weekend,
because it makes me think of the simple pleasures that bring him so much joy.
Grain. Popcorn…a staple at our house.
Transportation. Doesn’t this old wrecker remind you of Mater from Cars?
Stitch. This quilted wall hanging has a stitched outline of a tulip.
Bubbles. The grandson likes to play in the bathtub and get bubbles on his face.
(Then we are in stitches because we are laughing so hard….)

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