Saturday’s Featured Image

Earlier this month I shared images from an outing with Becky, a dear friend who also is a great photographer.  We found this beautiful stained glass window behind the outer glass facing an alley, which is obviously broken.  Don’t you just love the light captured in the colorful glass here? The craftsmanship of the stained glass is pretty amazing.  

I have scheduled this post to appear today, though I am out and enjoying time with my friend.  Here at Learning As I Go I will be doing all I can to take the weekends off from blogging, have some down time, and do what I can to create that precious time and space for what feeds my soul.  But while I’m out, I hope to share with you more of my ‘urban’ images that I have enjoyed taking this spring and summer….by scheduling a post as I did this one.

How about you? Are your summer weekend plans different than the rest of the year? Do you have something special in mind to help you get in touch with your creative self?  

Have a great weekend!