Just below the surface

Icy pond
On a walk today at Kendrick Woods we noticed this amazing formation
in the ice on a pond.  It resembles the roots of a tree,
or the spindly off shoots of a nerve. And just below the surface
is a leaf suspended until it thaws.
Have a great weekend!

Behind the scenes this week


Behind the blog posts with all the lovely photos…

Beyond the words we so carefully choose to share…

Life goes on.  Stuff happens.  

This photo says a lot about what impacted the last few days for us.  Yeller has been sick all week with some kind of infection. After 2 visits to the vet, antibiotics, being fed liquids with a medicine dropper because he wouldn’t eat, nausea medicine and now an appetite stimulant —  
I’m happy to say he is finally starting to eat, as of this morning.  In this image, taken three days ago, he was really not wanting to snuggle with me at all and was pulling away.  Not his usual behavior at all.  

What you don’t see are the tears.  What you didn’t hear in my posts this week was how worried we were.  Nor did you hear the groan when the vet bills were paid.  I started to apologize to Mark about what it cost, and in his loving wisdom he replied, “...but he’s our cat.”    

End of discussion.  

Have I told you lately how much I love this man?  No.  I kind of keep that tucked away and don’t say much about that online.  

And have I ever told you that I feel especially blessed to have Mark to share my life with, as well as two adorable cats who often drive us to distraction?  Well, now you know.  
There is the good, often beautiful stuff that appears in my lens and it gets posted here for your enjoyment.  There are also the struggles, stuff that I don’t always like, changes I didn’t expect,  work that has to be done, groceries and house cleaning and daily grind and  

and tigers 
and bears 
oh my!

Many times our readers never
have a clue what we struggle with, or how boring or complicated or happy
or sad our days are.  We choose to let others see just a few bytes of

We place one foot in front of the other and take it a step at a time.  We snuggle with a sick cat, connect in some way with those we love, live through what is right here in this moment. 

I’ll bet deep down inside we are all pretty much alike.