My monochrome world

Not only am I enjoying my August Break, I am also really having a fabulous time taking my images just in black and white.  Suddenly I’m paying more attention to contrasts, to light and shadow, to the textures that appear when color is not utilized.  My collection of monochrome images is growing.

Today I am sharing a photo and poem with my friends at Vision and Verb.
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Vision and Verb

On a lighter note

Yeller and Rossfeld

It’s been one of those weeks. 
A bit stressful here and there, a lot of digging deep and growing. 

So it’s time to let my furry friends appear and send us off for the weekend.

I was trying to get a close up of the leaves you see in the foreground, and what should pop up through all that green but an orange cat!  Not until I downloaded this to the computer did I see the other cat in the background.  Judging by the slant of their ears I think a chase was about to happen.  

Oh well.  Just one of the hazards of being a photographer….

Have a fabulous weekend!


Snowy morning

 There is a bit of snow here today, filling spaces both large and small.
How much snow? About this much.
And it is lovely, even if it is a heavy snow.
Yeller wants to go play in it, but the scraping sound of the shovel scares him.
And Rossfeld just finds a warm register to sit by, while keeping an eye on that Other Cat.

Lessons from a Cat

Rossfeld in the sun

He’s playful. He’s ornery. He is cute as a button. There is that notch in his left ear that he came with, and that one tooth that kind of hangs out.

And sometimes I just can’t resist him. He gets away with everything. We ‘rescued’ him from the barn yard of good friends of ours, and life has been more fun ever since.  Rossfeld teaches us things in his own quirky ways, and when we least expect it.  

Like the Sunday before Christmas…

After so many dark dreary days the Sun finally came out.  We came home after lunch and this one came running in the house after being outside in the cold all morning long.  After the usual snuggling and petting and needing to be fed, he decided to go back out toward the back door. I soon realized why. The Sun was shining and was beaming in through the window and he had to sit in the warmth.  His fur as he sat there was blissfully warm to my touch.

Photography gives us that medium to freeze a moment in time, maybe to remind us of what was good, and of what is.  Especially now.  It’s been gloomy.  We’ve been through some sad, mournful days when innocent people lost their lives. The Big Holiday is now past and with that comes some let down of emotion and expectation.  A new year comes just around the corner, and where will it take us, we wonder. 

I grabbed my camera and sat in the warm sun with him, snapping one photo after another.  All that time I was mindful of how important it is to seek out that light, and to just be here in the moment.  Then this cat, in all his glory, wiggles and squirms on the step to find just that right way to sit and enjoy what he is doing then and there.  

That’s when he had me. I want to bottle up the joy of that moment, captured here, when he looked at me and made me forget all that has come before or will come to pass.  

This little moment is what really counts.

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