Lift Up Hope


watercolor – light
Oh brothers, 
sons and daughters,
co-workers, even enemies…
Come together
and weep for such loss, 
such terrible pain and agony.

watercolor – fish

to your brothers, sisters,

sons and daughters,
strangers, friends,
co-workers, even your enemies…
watercolor – roots
Lift up hope.
Share the love 
that lives in you.
Live peacefully as much
as is in your power.
Be a blessing to your world.


lost heart – rediscovered

Live deliberately,
   not reactively.

Live on Purpose,
   not accidentally.

Live decisively,
   not tossed by the wind.

Live right now,
   not in yesterday or tomorrow.

Live with love,
   not with fear.

Live your life,
   not the life of someone else.

Deborah L. Tisch
March 7, 2011


Detail of mask created at Arti-Gras 2011.

and connecting
from my dreams.
I am conscious
and I am unconscious.
I have an outer life
and I have an inner life.
And they combine.
It’s all part of me.
From those depths
of the unconscious
pour out
the creativity, the beauty.
I must listen.
I must be open
and aware,
for to close 
my eyes and ears to that mystery
is to die, to stagnate.
But I am here
ready to fly, to soar.
Emerging, opening, and allowing.
So much energy in
what I express and how I say it. 
Power in words.
Learning to live with this awareness, 
this beautiful knowledge
that life is
more than I can ever say.

– Deborah L. Tisch, 2/26/11

Making A Wish

What is your heart’s desire? Or your most fervent prayer? Do you remember the last time you blew out the candles on your birthday cake, and can you recall what you wished for then? 

The lyrics to a song from Pinocchio are in my head this morning, partly because my photo prompt was “Make A Wish”. 

“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are.
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you….”

The key here (to me) seems to be that what you desire in your heart is important, and needs to be tended to. So often in life “other things” get in the way of that dream, that goal, that deep longing to be the best we can be.  

On this winter morning may you find a way to listen to your heart, truly listen. And then follow what you are prompted to do.