The Gift In An Image

Nature has a lot to teach us, especially in the small things that we often overlook. I spent time today deliberately looking at the outdoors, took several shots with my new camera, and came home thinking that what I saw through the lens would really be inspirational. To my surprise, the first photo of the day, that of the berries, was ultimately the one that said the most, that has the more powerful beauty. 
The berries on the plant in front of my house are tiny little red things. The birds love them, and so we have quite a show outside our living room window as they devour them from the branches. Today these little berries look like a pair of red mittens to me, so I offer this photo of them here. Can you see those red mittens there? What was the color of your favorite mittens? Can you even remember having them?  (I’m not sure I can, with one exception….)
When I owned a 1969 VW Beetle and drove it to work in the cold winters of Central Illinois, I wore a heavy pair of leather mittens to keep my hands warm. Along with leg warmers, boots, a long down coat that had a hood that I could tie around my head. One hand usually wiped the frost off the inside of my windshield as I drove along. I loved that car, and I always made it to work through the snow…without frostbite.  
Mittens. Easy to loose when you’re small, so Mom makes a string to attach them and you pull that string through your coat sleeves. Or you have those metal clips that connect them right to the sleeve of your puffy winter jacket. How many “single” mittens are out there?  
Simple items to keep us warm and protect us. A simple image that looks like something from our childhood memories. An image that makes me happy… and I hope you can enjoy it, too.

Learning more about photography

Collage created using Picasa

My husband says I am his favorite geek, so I do my best to live up to that reputation.  When he gave me a new camera (a Canon EOS Rebel) for my birthday all the geek-ness in me came out in full force. So far for me it is easier to learn about the camera than about my cell phone.  

The first fun thing I learned is how to create something called “bokeh”, which you can learn more about here.  In this collage I created the bokeh (pronounced bow-cah) is those cute little bubbles of light in the background. 

This is all about depth of field and lighting. I can’t tell you exactly how I did this tonight because I was so excited to get this far…I didn’t write any notes. I’ll keep working on it.

Picasa is a photo editing software that you can download for free.  I just began using it, and the collage here is one of the results of my endeavors.  It is very cool, very easy to use, and I highly recommend it if you need to fancy up your pictures or just be a geek like me and see what you can create with it.

Someday I’ll have a better photo with bokeh in it, rather than an unused kitty cat photo frame and a spool of read thread.  I’ll be sure to share it with you here.

Every little thing….

Here are the other three photos I submitted for my Big Picture Class today. The task was to look at every little thing, take note of the small things that stand out, and capture them.  

If you have seen the movie “Up!” then you’ll understand the Grape Nehi cap and safety pin.  My hubby made this for me.  

Yeller must have been relaxed this morning because he placed his face in my hand like he always does and I got this wonderful close up.  I love it when he does this. Makes Me purr. 

And old canning jars are the most beautiful colored glass around, in my opinion.  I saw the word “idea” even though it is really spelled “ideal”, and shot this.  

Learn about Big Picture Classes here. This is a fun way to learn more about photography, very inspirational, and best of all (my opinion) affordable.

Nature – from a different view point

Today the challenge was to look at what Nature has given us, and to look at it from a different point of view. This has been one of my more inspirational walks, even if it was cold, snowing, and we did not stay out very long. The inspiration came as we looked at winter, at winter’s colors, at a pond that is in the process of freezing over. I must add that my dear hubby came with me, all bundled up, supportive as ever, though he was already tired.
The nudge came in the words “look at the colors”. Winter is one of my favorite times of the year because it has it’s own special beauty, it’s subdued although intense colors. Even so, today I saw winter through different eyes. 
Blue seeds
After taking several shots around the freezing pond we wandered toward a wooded area, went a few yards into trail, then decided it was time to head home. I held back as my husband walked on ahead and I glanced down at the snow next to the path. 
Submerged oak leaf
Something very small but definitely blue caught my eye. I used a macro setting on my camera and captured this tiny little plant with blue seeds on it, no more than 1/8 inch in size. Viewing it here just amazes me. 
At the edge of the pond there were leaves under the water and partly covered by the ice and snow. The water seems to make the colors of the rocks and the leaf even more brilliant.
I don’t know what these things are on this tree, if they are seeds or dried berries. I saw the beautiful detail in them and very tiny little webs on the edges.
There is a time for everything. A time for each of the seasons, a time to learn, a time to just enjoy.  May you find that time, that place of peace.