It’s a Wrap!

As this calendar year ends, so ends Picture the Holidays. 
Since we took some time to be with family and I was away from blogging for 
a few days, I want to share with you my images from this last week for that class.

The idea for this one was to capture a Magic Moment from the holiday,
a detail that tells the story beyond a typical portrait. This is 
Mark, reading to Garrett, and Solo the dog is sitting there, too.
His paws are visible in the upper left.
The Day After.  It does not take long to open those gifts, does it?
What is left behind is paper, ribbon, gift bags. Look at the detail
of the woven green cord. And notice how “merry” is now a blur.
Get a breath of fresh air. This prompt lead me outdoors.
In Illinois there was a nice snow that morning. A neighbor’s 
lights had not yet shut off, and I was fascinated by the contrast
of the red lights in this mostly black and white world.
The main idea for this one was to let light be your muse
and shoot through the looking glass. I found the sparkles on this
ornament to be beautiful.
The prompt for this one was to give a toast to 
the good things of 2011. I chose this one, an image of
a collage made one day in January with my two friends.
We love to create together, and that has given us many wonderful
moments together this year.  (And as you read this, gals, we must plan another event!)
There is no looking back now. The challenge was to visually 
translate the idea of moving forward.  I saw this ornament and
had to capture these mice, arm in arm, moving on.
For today, the prompt was “gather your thoughts”. 
Print some of your photos, frame them, then photograph the photos.
It is rare that I print out my own images, so doing this today was fun.
The first class I participated in online with Big Picture Classes was Picture the Holidays a year ago. It has been a fabulous experience to repeat this exercise, noticing how I have grown and changed as a photographer. The group of folks who participate make it all worthwhile.
Gathering my thoughts about 2012, looking forward, I’m deep in thought today about what I want to accomplish. Much of it involves photography, but there is also cooking, creating more art, journaling more often, listening to and working with my dreams, taking good care of myself. No doubt you’ll read about some of those adventures here. 
I’d love to share the journey with you.
Have a safe, happy, and blessed new year!
Big Picture Classes

Santa’s Workshop

We are having a quiet, relaxing day this Christmas Eve.
Mark (a.k.a. Santa’s Helper) is finishing up some wooden blocks for
a very special grandson…and we get to hand deliver them tomorrow!

Speaking of Santa’s workshop…
I’m sharing this image in Picture the Holidays today.
The theme for today is “enchantment”.
“Allow yourself to get swept off your feet today 
and look at the world around you with the eyes of a child! 
Capture your shot today with wide eyes.”

My daughter made this in 1985, in some kind of a Santa’s workshop.
I chose this for my photo today because to me it speaks of enchantment,
of being a child, of believing that even reindeer could fly. The fluffy red nose
seems to be alive with light and magic, don’t you think?

Since we are hand delivering those blocks
I will be away from blogging for a few days.

Please accept my heartfelt wish that all of you
may have a peaceful and blessed holiday.

Merry Christmas!


Just a couple days ago in
Picture the Holidays, our prompt was to think of how we recharge, how we practice a bit of self love in this festive but hectic time of year. 

Where do you go or what do you do to give yourself a break? Do you unwind with a nice cup of tea or coffee? Do you just take a nap? Read a good book? Wrap up in a favorite quilt?

My first thought was of this place in my home, my living room, with the fire going in the fireplace, morning sun coming in the window, and a bit of Christmas here and there. Home should be a place you want to come to, a safe place where you can hang out in your flannel jammies and sip hot chocolate.  And our home is. 

I’m so thankful for that. 

Make time for this. Recharge. Take a load off, put your feet up. Simply relax.  I’ll go put on the coffee…..

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