A Burst of Color

Today I’m just stopping in to say hello to all of you, to send you thoughts of love and peace. As I write this it is thundering and raining…yet again. My heart goes out to anyone who has suffered any kind of loss as a result of this extreme weather we are experiencing.

Working on a collage tonight I realized it looks like something that has been rained on and tramped on with muddy feet. You think it might have to do with the weather? Perhaps. It is definitely a work in progress.

Knowing that we all need to see light and color instead of rain and clouds, I chose to share this photo I took today for Picture Spring. When the storms are unrelenting it is easy to forget that there is light and beauty all around.  And there is light and beauty within us, each and every one of us.

May you be safe, comforted, filled with love and peace.

Beauty in the Mundane

When you do your chores around the house do you ever stop to find something beautiful in those tasks? Mostly I just want to get done with cleaning so I can move on to something more fun, more entertaining. (Bet I’m not the only one!)

In Picture Spring we were challenged to look for that beauty, or magic, in tasks that we do almost in automatic pilot mode.  

This morning it was the fragrance of clean sheets on the bed. It was the warm sunlight coming through the window. And finally having a warm day so the windows could be open.  

What would you add to this? If you were to change your perspective you might be surprised at what you see.  

Sunshine and Dew

This morning it is glorious outside. There is moisture on the lawn and the dandelions are happy, as you can see.  

I love how the flower is reaching upward, opening up, and drinking in the sunshine. 

Sending you love and light on this day!

Step Into Spring

I picked up my camera and started walking through the house,
counting 30 steps, then stopped, looked around, and started clicking.
This was my first look at the world outside today, and (surprise, surprise) 
it is still raining. Spring is here, in the dogwood growing outside my
dining room window, and in the lush green grass. 
Then I turned and saw the flowers on a teacup hanging on my wall.
I thought of the flowers being watered and nurtured outside, and the 
artistic flowers painted on this tea cup. I wonder who painted it and
how long ago that was? 
It is so tempting to see only the rain, only the gray sky and clouds, 
to see only the mud and the obstacles we create in our own minds.
Something is unleashed in us when we choose to see the beauty.
Try picking up your camera, any kind of camera, take 
30 steps from where you are, and capture what you see right there.
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