Mysterious Ways

Each of us
has just the right skin.
Uniquely fashioned,
perfect in color
no matter the color,
just the right 
amount of softness
or callousness,
holding us together,
No matter if 
it is you or me,
a fruit, a flower,
a bee or a bear,
how marvelous to
know that we are
beautifully made.
Celebrate the beauty 
of your life.

Inspiration from the Kitchen

This week in Picture Inspiration we have been asked to turn our lens toward the kitchen, to see what items we find there that inspire us or “tickle your creative fancy”. For the images I’m sharing here I have to say that the stories of how these have been used and of who used them is what inspires me.  I think it’s because my grandparents were both such good people that I want to be like them when I grow up….  

The two Fire King coffee cups are my favorite. I can still remember Grandma putting instant coffee in these. Love how the light shines through.

The rolling pin here is for making Springerles. It’s laying on top of the recipe in Grandma’s cookbook where she kept her collection of favorites. You roll the dough with this to create a pattern, and then cut it into the squares.  The imprint of the hand carved design remains on the cookie. 

Simple items filled with good memories. What’s in your kitchen that brings you fond memories? Is there an item that stirs your creativity? 


Here are some of my photos taken for Week 9 of Picture Inspiration.
We were challenged to be in “observation mode”, keep the camera handy,
and capture what we could in photos.
The sun really did come out Saturday and the sky was blue again. 
Thought you might like to remember that….
The daffodils all are facing West, reaching for the evening sun,
and beginning to show signs of fading.
Mark and Yeller enjoyed a moment of their own observation
on Saturday afternoon…
At least until Yeller heard a click.
Today the Ohio Monsoon Season continues.
I wonder if we will every dry out again?
There were so many other moments when I noticed beauty all around.
On Sunday it was on the faces of little girls and boys dressed up for 
Easter.  It was in the expressions of love and thanks among 
families who were gathering for a holiday, spending precious time together.
Beauty was in the bountiful feast we were able to share with dear
friends around our own table here at home. 
And while I had my camera with me in all these occasions, I have found
that sometimes I just need to let the moment be special and remember it
in my heart, cherish it, and honor it.
I hope your weekend was filled with joy and love!

Finding Beauty in the Random

Call it “shifting into creative observation, ” as Tracey Clark mentioned this week in Picture Inspiration. Sometimes we see images that stir our imagination, or say something special just to us, or simply make us laugh.  Tracey has invited us to keep the cameras on hand and be ready to capture the images that are totally random.  Here is what I have seen so far:

This bee greeted me 
as I opened 
the window on 
Thursday to let in 
the fresh, warm air.

On a walk with Mark 
yesterday we 
found hyacinths 
blooming inside
a hedge.

hidden hyacinths in a hedge….
(Say it 3 times quickly.)

Early this morning 
after a rain
I stepped out with 
my camera and 
was surprised by
this reflection 
of the street light in 
the wet pavement.

Mark called me 
after an evening
meeting the other day, 
telling me
to grab the camera 
and look outside.
This is just one of 
the images 
from the sunset 
that was happening.

May you find beauty in the random moments in your life, whether in nature, in the eyes of your loved ones, in the antics of a pet, or just in the daily grind of life.  Simply take time, and notice.