Texture applied

Kim Klassen’s Simply Inspired texture applied 
Kim Klassen’s Sienna Texture applied
I really haven’t been one to add “textures” to my images. Not that I don’t like them. I’ve seen some that have just been overdone, that seem to take away from the image itself. It really is a question of personal preference.  I have also seen some really great images that have been given that old, antique, worn out look, and done in such a way that it is beautiful. 
For Picture Inspiration this week we were given the challenge to try applying a texture…and here you have my experiment. To learn more about Kim and her texture techniques click here.
Meanwhile, I have been working on my gratitude journal each day, doing some writing and some dabbling in paint, glue, colored pencils, water color crayons… and having a blast.  I hope to have the images up tomorrow to show. Just waiting for stuff to dry!
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Big Picture Classes


I love all things pumpkin; pie, cake, muffins, even pumpkin soup.
I had a photo shoot with this little pumpkin today, 
then had all kinds of fun doing some post processing.
The image in the center was taken in black and white intentionally 
so that the texture would really show. 
The scars on the side kind of got my attention.
They are scars from growing. I can imagine this pumpkin
laying on the ground, attached to the vine, steadily increasing in size
all summer long. And while that goes on, something creates a 
little flaw in the skin that becomes permanent.
Scars. Flaws. Imperfections.
I doubt that this pumpkin would be 
as lovely if it were totally perfect.
Just as you and I would not be the people we are
without our scars, flaws, imperfections. 
Coming to accept this in ourselves 
is one of the most difficult tasks in life.
And also the most liberating.
Sending you love and peace…

Fleeting Moments

This photo came about because of a prompt for Picture Inspiration. The “theme” this week is what we hold in our hands.

The wind is about to carry this leaf off and out beyond my reach. It balances precariously in my palm.

Isn’t that so true of many of the things we try to grab hold of? Moments of time just seem to fly by, faster and faster. 

This reminds me that I must treasure each and every moment, and learn to live right here, right now.  

Sending you peace….

Seein’ stars

I think we need some silliness today, don’t you?
This qualifies.
If you give a photo prompt to a silly person like me,
such as “look for stars everywhere”…this is what can happen.
I was being domestic. Actually considering cooking. Cutting celery.
And there it was, a star shape in my veggies.
And then another silly person/photographer noticed that there is also a rose in this.
Stars and Roses.
Who knew?
All kidding aside, it is good to find the beauty in the mundane.
Days like these we need those reminders, 
no matter what form they present themselves in. 
Blessings to you this day!