Winter Light

It’s the way he sits in that window,
watching birds and squirrels just on the other side of that glass,
his tail the only thing moving, twitching now and then.
But most of all it’s that winter light, intense some days when there is snow on the ground,
soft and gray when it’s cloudy.  
That winter light shows the cobwebs in the corners 
of the house, 
but it also illuminates the beauty
in that soft coat, the contours of a muscular little body. 
When the winter light shines in your home, in your yard, in your little corner of the world, what do you notice?  Do the shorter, darker days of the season get you down? Or is winter your “season”, like I think it is for me?
Is there a certain time of day when you enjoy the natural light best?  If so, why?
Hope you all had a tolerable fantastic Monday!

And now for the weather…

There is a new look and feel outdoors today.
Through my lens I noticed this abstract pattern on a nearby roof top. 
Those little bits of snow look almost like white flags to me.
The white fade at the bottom is actually snow on my window sill
but it’s blurred because of how I focused.
And there’s a new look and feel here on my blog, as you can see!
I changed back to a blogger template so that I can reply
to your comments directly here. 
(If you also have a Blogger template and want to learn 
about the new comment threads, click here.
Stay warm!

Circle of Life

I have been inspired this week by another photographer, which has lead me to create this image. It made me think of how our lives bear fruit, how from each of us a seed is left in the hearts of others, sometimes without our knowing it. Seeds of inspiration, of encouragement, seeds of hope and love. Then those seeds are planted either on purpose or by happenstance, and the Circle of Life continues.
How have you been inspired lately?

Picture of a Picture

This is the very first photo I took with my own camera, at age 10. And that is my first camera in the foreground which I have recently shown you in an earlier post.

The two men are my dad (on the left), and my grandfather (right). Grandpa was and still is my inspiration when it comes to photography. He gave me this camera and taught me how to use it.  I realize how fortunate I was to have such a great teacher.

In this photo, my dad and grandpa have been working on an addition to our home and stepped outside, perhaps to leave and go get more supplies or fix someone’s furnace. I just know that one of them said, “Here, take our picture.” 


I think I’ve been hooked on this for a very long time.

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