Just the Right Shoes for a Wedding

the right shoes for a wedding
Shoes for the journey.
Not too tight, not too loose.  The fit has to be perfect.
Some shoes will be outgrown quickly, others may last a lifetime.
Boots can get you through the muck and mire, but 
they can also take you down the isle in your pretty new dress 
as you carry your own flowers.
Sandals can get you down the same isle toward the one you love,
and spare your feet from the heat of the day, and they can 
carry you to the dance floor where you celebrate for hours.
But, oh, the getting there.
The hours of preparation.  The fittings. The decisions.
The decorating.  Working with all those vendors.
Making it all come together, along with a team of friends.
I wore simple, comfortable black flats, and carried my camera around
for hours on end, documenting this beautiful day.
What. An. Honor.
I think I just may have stepped into the shoes with the perfect fit…for me.

Renewing the Journey ~ Part 1

 I’m a photographer. 
Just a few years ago I could not write that statement.  Not that I wasn’t a photographer, just that I didn’t believe in myself enough to say that. 
For the next few weeks, along with some blogging friends, I am making a review of just why I keep taking photos.  Today I begin by telling you where I am with this hobby now in my life and what it means to me.


I want to catch the light 
no matter if it’s on someone’s face, 
or on a flower, 
or in the shade of a tree, or…
shining through a piece of fruit on my windowsill. 
Light through an orange
And I do this because of the connections friendships 
I have made with other photographers. 
Together we have been to some interesting places and shared 
not only the experience of taking photos, but the conversations and good times.
(I miss you photo buddies!)
Yellow warbler in nest
I also do this because I want to record and share the beauty that I see.  
It’s everywhere.
Sometimes we forget that.
Leaves on ice
On many occasions photography has been a spiritual experience for me.  
When I am there, in the moment, looking carefully through the lens, 
changing the angle, resetting the exposure, I become so absorbed 
in the process that I loose all sense of time.  
When I’m really doing this right, or maybe just because I’m lucky, I am there when certain expressions come so quickly, and, well, I just click at the right time.
How else can you see that there are two boys the image below?
Dad and son or two boys?

How else can I convey to you just how much a 4 year old boy loves his dog?
In the photo below you can see it in his eyes.
A boy and his dog

Catching the light. 

Connecting and making friendships.
Capturing beauty and finding meaning.
Getting into the flow of creating art.
Witnessing sacred moments on the faces of others.
Yes, all of this is why I keep on taking photos.


I originally wrote about this same topic in July 2011.