Photo Heart Connection

There is something almost haunting to me about this old door latch.  The actual door handle is gone, the door locked from the inside, but there remains that latch that you would push with your thumb to cause the door to open.  The peeling paint on this old store front suggests that weather has taken its toll, yet there are places there on the wood door jam that seem to show wear from people going in and out. 

Doors. Locks. Handles. Devices that we learn to work with so we can pass through to this other place, this new opportunity, a place to do business, to think, to do any number of things your imagination brings to mind. 

This door worked in the past, but is now closed. Look for a different one, it says to me. It’s time to find a new way to go forward.

Join us, won’t you, each month for this Photo-Heart Connection? 
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Like a Leaf in Water

Last weekend I really tried to avoid blogging and being online, feeling the need to just pull back and do other things.  As a result, I did not participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday (SHS) as I had been, and though it felt odd not to do that it also was nice to just relax and enjoy some normal daily activities.  Like…reading a book, cleaning house a bit, taking a nap…you get the idea.

I do like the photo “prompts” that SHS gives each week because it challenges us to be creative with those lenses.  This week the words for our photo ideas include “water”…so today My Camera and I decided to see what we could see and explored a local park for a while.  

As I walked around the park, I heard the scratchy sound of a single leaf scraping along on the sidewalk on this very windy day.  When I turned around to see where it was headed, maybe to see if I could get a photo of it in the air, I saw that it had suddenly and quietly landed in the water.  The water has it now, firmly yet gently in its grip, letting it float along until it will get caught along the side of the pond in a trash heap or simply get so saturated that it sinks.

If you are at all like me, or even if you are not, you probably know how hard it is to sometimes “let go” of Stuff in life, especially thoughts that do not lift us up. Especially wrongs done to us by someone else. Especially hurts from the past, anger, unmet expectations.  Can you hear them as they scratch, scratch along in your mind, pestering you and returning even though you’re tired of them? 

What if we could simply let those thoughts fall into the water? You know, acknowledge them for what they are and let them go. (Maybe the image of drowning that leaf would work better in some cases….you decide.) Just as the sound from that leaf fluttering along the sidewalk suddenly became silent when it hit the water, imagine the quiet in your mind, the peace, the calm of letting go of what no longer serves us.  

I can say the for me, the image of the water catching that leaf and consuming it over time is powerful.  Maybe you know of other ways, different rituals, or exercises that help you let go of a burden.

Never will I say that this is easy. It certainly isn’t for me.  Yet today’s image just gives me the inspiration to try, and I hope it will for you, too.


According to my old encyclopedia, the word vine usually means a plant that has a weak and flexible stem requiring some kind of support. Some vines can climb walls, trellises, or other plants, while others creep along the ground. Some have tendrils which wind around their support, and others have disks which cling to the object which they are climbing. 

You can see those little disks on this vine, holding onto the painted wood like suction cups, spread out like the fingers on your hand.  Something about this image really speaks to me, but since I took this at the beginning of the month I have not been able to really understand why.  Today I think I have a better insight into that.

This vine gets its strength by being connected through those little finger like projections. Each little disk attached to that wall makes it that much stronger. If you have ever tried to remove an old vine from a wall you’ll understand just how strong a grip all these little connectors have.

We all long for connection. Sometimes, even if surrounded by family and friends, we may be challenged to find those we really feel close to, who understand us, love us for who we are, and support us, maybe share that cup of coffee with us now and then. I’m talking about friendships that build us up, that make us better people, that make us stronger in a spiritual sense.  I think we have all been blessed now and then with those friends who do just that…people who touch our lives in beautiful ways.

We need each other. Plain and simple.  We need to push back from the computer desk and call that friend who is always there for us and spend some time together. Or take a walk in the park or around the block and just share the fresh air together. 

Because each time we do something that reinforces that connection we are all made stronger. Life is a little more bearable when shared.

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A Photo Heart Connection

vintage thread spools

Kat Sloma has invited us to review our photos from the month of January and select the image that touches our heart the most. Several of my friends from Kat’s photography classes are participating in this, and it is a joy to see the creativity and read what they have to say. You can find their posts by clicking on the link button at the end of this post.
Surprisingly, this was very tough for me to choose! Not that I took all that many images in January. I just could not settle on The One that touched my heart the most.  Finally, this evening after going to yoga and being away from the computer for a few hours I chose this one.  Vintage thread spools that I purchased at an auction years ago…with the stamped on name and description and price of the thread still clear and clean and sharp.
This wooden spool collection speaks to me of economy, thrift, of creating garments or quilts or home decor. I wonder what the white sewing cotton was used on, and the pure silk thread…was that for a fancy blouse or dress? There is a story in these small pieces of wood, even in their shapes, making me wonder where these were made and when. 
What made it difficult for me to choose is that I have found a message in many of my other images from January telling me to take better care of this earth, to be conscious of how I use what I have, and how I discard things.  The children’s room at the Dayton Art Institute dazzled and amazed me with art created from trash, and now so many questions came to mind.
Do I really need to keep all these spools? No. 
Do I really need to have that many books?  (Well, let me think on that one….)  
Can I recycle this? 
What can I create from these old folders or envelopes?
What about those clothes that I have not worn in a year? 
How do I want to leave this world for my grandson? 
Ouch. That was my toes…