Photo Heart Connection – September

Amish farm

This image of an Amish farm is one that I have kept coming back to for several days, ever since my hubby and I took a drive through the country, like a couple of “old people” on a Sunday afternoon.  We sought out the areas where people different than we are choose to make their living – by living a simpler life with far fewer of what we think of as necessities.

Seeing their horse drawn buggies parked there, the well kept barns and grounds, looking through the fence into this scene of a life like nothing I have known, all of it leaves me with so many questions.  How do they make it work? How do they keep their food safe? What is it like to grow up and continue that life style? And I wonder what they say about those of us who choose to live differently than they do?  

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February Photo Heart Connection

Blue pitcher and lemons

In February it was gray, cold, and dark.  Winter is a beautiful season, but this last month just seemed a bit too dark for me.  My solution was to find color.  In recent months I have had fun creating still life images, but none have given me the satisfaction that this one does.

Lemons set against a blue antique pitcher, with some texture added to the final image.  That is what worked for me.  It brings to mind hot summer days and fresh lemonade, made from the real fruit.  Taking the time to quench the thirst, and do a bit of caring for the self.

When July is here and we are all having our picnics and fighting off bugs, will we think of cold February days?  I’m not so sure.

January Photo Heart Connection

Winter morning shadows
The tracks in the snow.
The low angle of the winter morning sun.
Long shadows.
Perfect stillness.
The sun glaring into my lens
and burning off the distant fog.
January winter morning.
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December Photo Heart Connection


This simple little acorn reminded me 

that there is always hope…

that when the darkness seems to overcome us there is always light somewhere to be found…

that when the darkness takes the form of tragedy, 
the light comes to us through the kindness of others…

that in our endings are our beginnings…

that some things within us have to die so that something new can take root.

This little acorn showed me

that from the simplest, smallest act can come the greatest impact…

that often it is up to us to plant the seed

and cultivate it

so that it can grow.   

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