Lights and a Star

At last…
Something familiar from holidays before.
Putting this little metal star in place
on a new fangled kind of tree,
and then seeing it in the glow and warmth 
of the little lights…
Sort of starting to feel like home
here in this new place.
Sending you thoughts of peace,
and the hope that you, too, can find
pleasant surprises in all the corners.
Surprises that will lift your spirits
and remind you of that light
that lives
in all our hearts.

Prayerful thoughts

color drained from package

The tragic and totally unnecessary events at Sandy Hook School have broken my heart.  

This package, a gift from someone I work for, sat on my desk today, in it’s cheery bright green paper and red and silver bow.  But all I can think of this afternoon is about the families and friends and the entire community affected by these killings…including our nation and our world.

And it just seems like all the festive colors of the season have faded away.  

Meanwhile, the television is not going to run continually at our house tonight, though my heart will be sending prayerful thoughts of love and peace and comfort to the people who are suffering.  I’d like to suggest that you do likewise, in whatever way you see fit. 

Please do all you can to be at peace with those around you.  Violence in any form is never the answer.