Time Is Everything

In this digital age I wonder how many of you have a ‘real’ clock that has a minute hand and an hour hand?  Do you still wear a watch, and is it analog or digital? Or do you just look at your cell phone? How many children do you know today who have learned to tell time on an analog clock? 

Pictured here is an old “kitchen clock” that I inherited. You can see that it is well worn, but I can tell you that it actually works, though I don’t often wind it and let it tick.  Notice how worn the key is from being used over and over. Someone in decades past has used this and treated it with care.  

We use time pieces to keep us on track, according to whatever schedule we have in our life. At one time I thought that the more Stuff I had on my schedule the better person I could be.  There is some benefit to having Stuff to do, but there is also a tendency to do too much. Then we meet ourselves coming and going, all stressed out. 

Life is showing me that it is more important to be present, to be right here right now with that friend who needs a listening ear, to be willing to hear another person’s story and not judge or interrupt. Life is teaching me that being is more important than doing, because as I learn to Be I am also learning to do what really matters…which leads to time better spent. 

– Deb

One Little Word Revisited

Choosing a word to dwell on for a year is quite a different experience from making resolutions. The word “gift” is not on my mind all the time, and some days maybe I don’t even think of it. But then it resurfaces, making me think about what gift is, what it means, how it looks, how it is given and received, etc. 

Today I’m wondering about words that are the opposite of gift. Perhaps if I understand more of what gift is not, then I can learn more about what this word has to teach me. 

As I write this I can hear rain, sleet, snow, and wind outside the window and hitting the roof of our house.  Hard as it may be to see this winter storm as a gift…since we are right in the middle of it…it is bringing to mind how very very fortunate we are to have a warm home, food on the table, vehicles to transport us, and employment.  All material, physical things, but blessings often taken for granted. 

Picture Winter is over, I’m in withdrawal…as are many of the women I met in the class online. Some of us have formed a group in Facebook and are still at it, taking photos and sharing them, letting our views of Life – different as they may be – tell our stories. 

“Gift” is influencing my life story. You’ll hear more as the days go by. 

Be safe, be warm!


About that One Little Word

Definitions of Gift: something given without payment in return; present; the act of giving; not earned; a special ability; a natural endowment. Verb: to gift is to bestow gifts upon, to present with a gift, to donate, contribute, a legacy….

Thesaurus: alms, award, bonus, bequest, hand, honorarium, legacy, offering, provision, ration, relief, reward, remembrance, subsidy, subscription, tip, token, tribute….

In this new year I am intentionally inviting into my life these things:

  • Quite confidence
  • An open heart
  • Deeper listening
  • Daily gratitude
  • Self-kindness
  • Abundant living
  • Simplicity
As a reminder or word prompt I have created the 4 x 6 card that you see in this post, using cardboard, letters from a scrapbook store, aluminum foil and paint.  
On the web I found this quote which really speaks to me:
It is not a question of whether you “have what it takes”, but of whether you take the gifts you have – they are plenteous – and share them with the world.”  – Neale Donald Walsh –

Just doing this much with this word has been interesting. What an experience this is going to be!
– Deb

One Little Word

This word came to me like a bolt of light burning through the darkness and just sat there. 
I thought I could ignore it, but I was wrong because it kept coming back and presenting itself. 
Prodding me, getting me to think, to look at it, move it around, try it on, and try to shake it.

It’s still there.

And gift is the word that chose me. 
Here is what I know so far, and it isn’t much:
A gift is more than presents wrapped and sitting under a tree,
Much more than blue-light-specials.
The gifts that I am to learn about are not tangible,
and yet they are everywhere,
and in everyone. Waiting to be seen, to be 
acknowledged, to be received,
and to be shared.

I have taken on a new challenge, participating in the One Little Word project for 2011. Different from making resolutions, concentrating on the word you choose for the year promises to bring new lessons to light, to expand your thinking and open the heart to new possibilities.  I plan to share this adventure with you here….so hang on…it’s going to be a bumpy ride…