Cedar Bog

Iris at Cedar Bog, Urbana, OH

On a recent Sunday afternoon adventure, Mark and I found our way to Cedar Bog, near Urbana, Ohio.  You can read about the bog by clicking here.  If you are looking for a different place to explore, this one is well worth it.  I would recommend insect repellent…the bugs weren’t too bad when we were there, but I’m sure as the summer arrives and weather gets warmer mosquitoes will be an issue.

Though it goes by the name Cedar Bog, it’s actually not a bog, but a fen, something I never heard of until going there.  To get a good definition of a fen, click here.

This beautiful iris was blooming there, and though I have seen many of these flowers all my life, there was something about it growing in the wild, in that light, that made it even more lovely.

Eagles in their Nest

Yesterday I experienced a rare privilege.
While on a photo excursion with friends we witnessed an eagle in it’s nest
and then….
the appearance of those fluffy wings…
 …and that cute little head.
What a Mother’s Day gift!
I have cropped these images a bit so you can more easily see these magnificent birds.
I used a 70-300mm lens, too. 
It was something I will never forget.
We were at this location.

That Something – April Poetry

flowers in the woods

That Something
When spring is coming up in
the woods,
When the air is warm, the
breeze strong,
When the ground is damp and
soft beneath my feet
And I can wander at my own
pace among the trees,
When I see these amazing blooms
Bursting through the layers
of dead leaves
And old branches,
Of moss and humus, fungus, and
rotting wood,
When the perfect shapes and
Of all these amazing
creations grab my attention,
I know then that Something
beyond here, beyond us,
Way beyond our understanding
Is doing the growing, the
The nurturing, and the
letting go.
That Something is choosing
just the right colors,
The perfect shapes, creating
the structures,
Setting in motion this cycle
of life, death, lifeā€¦
Of birth, death,
Of blooming, seeding, fading
and dying,
Of wintering, sleeping, and
And I ask Her, that
To show me
What I need to let go,
And what can be awakened
within me.
 —Deborah L. Tisch, 4/13/14

* * * * * * *
Day 13 out of 30…only 17 to go!

First Daffodil ~ April Poetry

I can hear the birds in the

chirping and singing,
the birds can hear me
my house moving around
as I step out on the porch.
the birds as happy to hear me
I am to hear them?
The sun light shines through
the window
Casting golden warmth on the
I look toward the sun
through the window
To see her slipping down in
the day.
does the sun see when she
me looking at her?
she know how warm her light is?
Petting the cat as he sits
on the warm sidewalk
The fur beneath my touch is
thick and comforting.
His purr gives me a sense of
comfort and love.
does the cat think and feel when I touch that fur?
I purr back at him?
he brushes against me
does my skin, what do my hands bring to
sense of who I am?
The windows on the house are
And the spring air fills the
Bringing a freshness I have
longed for since autumn.
the air been waiting to enter this space
that it can lift the dust
chase away the winter?
The first daffodil broke
open today,
A brilliant flash of yellow
Celebrating the arrival of
this new season.
She came up through the dirt
After sleeping all winter
beneath a mountain of snow.
she see the look of surprise and wonder
our faces as we gaze at her?
she feel how welcomed, how anticipated she has been?
Deborah L. Tisch, 4-12-14
First daffodil in my yard
 ~ On the 12th day of a month of writing poetry ~