Daily ritual

When I get home from work this is how the cats greet me.
They have started “hiding” under this S-curve toy that we have.
The real purpose behind the “hiding” is an invitation to play.
Note the leather glove.  Self protection is a must.
The Claw.  Yes. Sharp, precise, deadly.  Leather gloves are good.
Then someone else has to see what is going on, join in on the fun,
but not before a couple of well placed hits from… the claw.
And when one leaves the other takes over. More kicking, biting, wrestling.
Did I mention how good it is to have leather gloves?
It’s also good to be able to crop photos, avoiding potentially embarrassing angles.
Just a bit of our daily ritual for your Saturday morning enjoyment!



The point of this post?  I’m not good at waiting.

That has to be why there are grocery stores.  Rather than wait on the hen I just jump in the car and drive a few blocks to get the eggs or anything else I need or want.  

I acquire those eggs, those
food items or material goods, without thinking of the time and process
behind each and every thing.  It’s all there and I simply go get it.

How did we ever get to thinking that life would be that way all the time, in every situation?
I’m ready for warm weather, or at least warmer than we have had.  

Ready for spring flowers to bloom…yes, I’m having daffodil envy for those of you who have posted images of those lovely blooms already.  

I’m ready for those daffodils. And green grass. Dandelions. The smell of spring, and even some spring showers.  New sights to see and enjoy.  Someplace to take the camera along and soak it all in.

Reality sets in.  

Life grinds on, no matter how fast we want to make it.  

Air currents move as they will and spring comes gradually, just as it always has.  

Situations that affect our way of living move at their own pace, like it or not.  And through it all, I learn over and over that I just have to be patient.



A taste of winter

My little part of the world today…snow at the end of October and lots of wind.  The snow is slushy and heavy, and, fortunately, not freezing.  

Wherever you are today please be safe.  


Beautiful sounds

It was good to hear my Mom’s voice on the other end of the phone this evening.  She is home, with Dad and the dog, Taco, my niece and her little one, and all the usual hustle and bustle of a Sunday evening, in her own home.  Mom’s voice sounds stronger than it has for a while, and how amazing that one sound can do for the soul.  Hearing the strength and love in her voice again does all of us good.  

I hate cancer. I hate that it has entered our lives so quietly and yet so loudly. All of us are affected by it and our world is changed. 

There is that good news that the tumor that was in her had “good margins”, hopefully meaning that it has been arrested and detained, shot down and left out in the trash.  I need violent words for this violent disease.   Make it stay away.

Then to hear Dad talking, to hear his laughter and his amusement at all the “goings on…” in the house again, to listen to him tell how well cared for they are at this place in time.  More music to my ears.  

In the back ground is the sound of a little baby boy, fussing after a long trip to my folks house, and the laughter and joy of his momma’s voice as she talks to others.  She is there to be the granddaughter who can spend time and see to the needs of my parents for several days…and I am so grateful to her for doing this.  

* * * * * * * 

We are like the grass in this photo, we will grow and share our seed for season after season and then there will come a time to lay down and grow no more.  New seed will germinate from the previous crop and new growth will come, life will go on.  But today, right now, I want to hang on to every moment, every breath, every precious bit of time that I can spend with those I love, family and friends.