Sending art out into the world

dream collage

Recently I had the opportunity to create something and then send it, or “liberate” it, out into the world.  It was an interesting project and let me tell you, all the little fearful voices were in force.  There was a lot of self talk about “she won’t like it”, and “how do you think you can get by with this?”, and ….oh, maybe you know what those voices are like.

However. I took inspiration from others who have been down this road.  I said a big Yes to my heart, and I kept on creating.  Then I packaged it up and sent it on it’s way.  That was the most important part, and by far the biggest challenge. 

Now it’s time to do some more of the same.  Remember that Liberate Your Art Post Card Swap?   It’s back!  It’s a great opportunity to share some of your own artwork, in the form of a post card, with people from all around the world.  Simply click on the button to the right to learn more about how you can be a part of this.


Sharing What We Create

This week I have writing about my creative space, showing you some of the mess and relating to you what that creative process does for anyone who takes the time to create.  No matter what your “art” is, what you prefer to do, whether it is cooking, sewing, photography, writing, music, painting, collage…(this list has no limits)…I believe the most important thing that comes from it is how it changes us.  

It’s been fun to participate in a post card swap again this year, hosted by Kat Sloma.  I recommend you click on her name, as that will take you to her post about this post card swap, and you can view the video she created.  It is a series of photos of all the post cards that were sent to her for this swap.  Just so you know…it is very moving to see all 193 pieces of art, and you may need a hanky or two.   Don’t know why, it just is. 

Here is an image from the post card that I liberated into the world.

And here is a view of all the post cards I received, each one a beautiful work of art, with lovely messages on the back. I enjoyed and will treasure each one of these.

1. Upper left: From Anshu Ahuja 
2. Upper right: From Katja
3. Middle right: From Liz Velichko
4. Lower right; From Janet Smith
5. Lower left: From Kat Sloma
6. Middle lef:t: From JK
To view more blog posts about what was sent and received, follow any of the links shown below.

Flower Art 6 and More

Flowers. How dull this world would be without them.
I do enjoy photographing them even though they are not my main ‘focus’ these days.
Sharing this image over at LeAnne’s for Flower Art Friday today.  And I’m thinking this one might make a really nice postcard.

Last year I also participated in Kat’s Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap, and I’m very excited to tell you that she is bringing it back again this year! If you did not participate before and would like to this time, be sure to click on the link button below and learn more about it.  


Liberate Your Art Post Card Swap

The Post Card Swap was a great experience, and  has now ended.
Here is a collage of the cards that I was blessed to receive.
From Santa Cruz, CA, Prince George BC, from Kat in Oregon, from Geri in 
Southern California, and my favorite from Melissa in Florida.

Sharing my art and receiving the art of others was such a gift – in so many ways.
The links below are to some of the other participants. You can view their blogs by clicking on the thumbnail photos.