That Word Fearless

This is just a snap shot of what I call my creative license. It’s is colorful, messy, and decorated with numbers, stars, and handwritten stuff including that word fearless.
This came about because I learned on my journey recently that I needed more than anything else to give Deborah permission to create, to be Deborah and no one else, to listen to my muse and not be afraid. 

After I wrote fearless on this collage,  part of me (The Committee) tried to tell me, “You need to paint over that word and get rid of it. Why do you want THAT on there? Are you sure about this? That really isn’t you, after all.” I really listened to The Committee for a while and almost followed through.  

But then it occurred to me that in order to be fearless I needed to dismiss that Committee. Stop listening to them altogether.  Because that bunch wants to keep me in Fear so that I won’t listen to the voice of Love and take time to be creative in new ways.  As you can see, fearless was left in place, bold, written in blue, kind of messy and brave and full of courage, right there for The Committee to see.  

Has this worked for me? All I can tell you is that when I think of this little collage, this creative license, and tell myself “I’m fearless”  – something changes. I had to put this thing right next to me on the desk so I could write this.  It’s so easy to fall into that trap of negative thoughts, but this physical reminder seems to help me reach deep down within and find courage. 

If you were to make your own creative license, what would it look like? What kind of words would you put there? What message comes to you from deep within, pushing and prodding you? How would your life be different if you gave yourself permission to do what you have always wanted to do? 


Fragile Layers

My hubby saw this image and reminded me that Shrek told Donkey that he (Shrek) was like an onion. Donkey thought that meant that he stunk, but Shrek corrected him by saying that he has many layers.  Lots of outer layers that need to be peeled off, like an onion, so that you can get to know the real Shrek.  (I so appreciate my hubby’s sense of humor….)

Some of my own layers are cracking and peeling away, even if I try to hold on to them for my own “protection”. As you read these posts here, you are learning more about me, about what speaks to my soul, about who I am. But there are so many more things that you don’t know, things that are buried deep within, in that soft underbelly that I try hard to protect. I hope to share more of my own story with you here in the coming days and weeks.

While I see here an image of an onion skin, I also see a beautiful tiny slice of life that is very fragile.  It will break into a thousand little shreds if you hold it too tightly. Several layers of it protect and preserve what is hidden inside. Perfectly ‘engineered’ to do it’s job, it is amazingly thin and opaque, letting the light shine through. 

Light. Protection. Layers. Fragility. 

What layers would you prefer to live without? Does it become exhausting to keep piling on those facades, to keep putting on a show just to please others? What would your life be like if you could cast off those skins that you have outgrown?  

And what do you hold most dear in your life? What is it that is so fragile that you don’t want to hold it too firmly…that seems so precious that you just want to gently hold it and savor each moment?

How does light shine in your life? A very wise person that I knew years ago used to say that there is a big difference in shining your light and letting the light shine.  How are you able to let that light shine from within you?

Thanks for sharing my journey.

Harvest Time

Somewhere in Indiana – October 2010 

The cycle of the seasons is to me the best part of living in the Midwest. New growth in spring, full bloom in summer, harvest in the fall, and rest and renewal in winter.

Starting this blog is one of my “harvests” this year, after months of cultivating and tending. There is the awareness that some ideas/thoughts in my life have to be allowed to fall, to go away. Making room in my daily living for growing is replacing that which has to die.

What is your harvest this fall? Was it hard to let go and allow something new to take root? Did someone help you or did you have to make the change alone?

Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday! May yours be filled with peace, good food, family, friends, and lots of time to be grateful.