What are you hatching?


Saturday was the perfect winter day to be with friends and do something fun and creative.  What you see here is the result of some of our time together.  As a ‘group’ our favorite time was spent making huge messes and creating these little birds.
The question posed at the beginning of this class was “What are you hatching?” The challenge was to think of what we are really working on this year, what our hopes are, what goals do we have.  My thought went to things like having a word of the year, or setting an intention for the year.  As we were invited to share our stories it was amazing to see how everyone’s individual life was reflected in their own creation.

I shared my intention here in January, and let me tell you, it has stayed with me.  Those two little words, “let go”, pop up almost daily, reminding me that this is the time to do just that.  My little bird, Vera, (named that because of how she matches my handbag) came into being with those words in mind.  I may not be quite sure what I’m hatching, but I know that as I let go of fear, new things come to life.


I have found that I love, love, love making these little sculptures.  Not quite as much as taking photos…but I really have fun with this. And I like adding wire to things.  Who knows why!  The wire that was among the stuff to create with just called to me and I knew my little bird needed wire legs and a topnot. 

She’s quirky and colorful and not afraid of anything.  For now, she is nesting, nourishing whatever it is that she is going to hatch.  I noticed that her egg has a direct reflection of her own colors.   I think there is a lesson in that.


My Intention for 2013

84-365 intention

New Year resolutions have not worked for me for a long time.  But setting an intention seems to.  Here is an article I came across that really says a lot about the subject.

This year it is my intention to let go of many things, some tangible, others not so much.  In the three days of this year so far, I have been amazed at how often these words come to mind. 

For example….

— as I look at accumulated stuff and wonder if I should keep it

— when my mind wants to have it’s own little argument with imaginary forces

— when tension begins to build in my body for no good reason

— when hurts from the past raise their ugly head

— when I worry about the opinions of others

Every time this kind of stuff comes up, there is that gentle, quiet voice telling me to let it go.  

This word phrase chose me.

How about you? Are you a resolution setter or an intention kind of person?  I’d like to know if you’d care to leave a comment.  

Whatever choice you have made for 2013, I hope that the year will be fulfilling and rewarding for all of you.