Those Daffodils Again

This is how my daffodils appeared
on March 30th.
And here they are this evening, April 3rd.
Growing where they are planted.
Still waiting for the right time to bloom.
Teaching me patience,
and beauty.

Sunset and Snow

I was sitting inside, reading a book
this evening. I had just read that in order
for spring to come we have to
let go of fall.
The light changed in the room, and I looked up.
This sunset was happening. Camera in hand,
I walked outside.

I watched for a few minutes and captured several
breathtaking images of this fire in the sky.
Everything was suddenly bathed in
such lovely light. 
Even the daffodils, covered in snow, yet splendid
in this moment. The synchronicity of it all came to me, that I
needed to be in that chair at that time, reading exactly that passage.
Prior to this I would have written how depressing it is
to see snow on daffodils, but not now, not after witnessing this.

I needed to see that all of this is perfect, all of it is as it should be.
How blessed I am to be witness to it,
and to be able to share it with you here.

Have you had moments like this? I’d love for you to
share them here.


Photos Around Lima, Ohio

Buildings in Downtown Lima

On Sunday afternoon I was able to walk around downtown Lima just to take photos. Mark and I enjoy looking at buildings and houses, noting special architectural features.  This was also a time to learn about bracketing, using the camera to take several versions of the same photo but with different exposures.  Click here to view the photos in an online album in Picasa.

Barn Roof, Allen Co. Farm Park

We enjoyed a walk around the Allen County Farm Park Sunday afternoon, too.  Click here to go to the online album for these photos.

It is so common for us to just take photos of family events, but I want to encourage you to just take your camera, no matter what kind or how big or fancy – even your camera on your phone, and just take photos of places or things that are in your life. Take a walk, get out and enjoy the warmer air and enjoy the beauty all around you.  

Not only is the exercise good, the whole experience of capturing the moment, the common scenes of your life, will be entertaining.  


Lunch and Inspiration

Part of my week day routine is to have lunch with my husband, and we’ve done this so much in our life together that I really miss it when we are not able to.  We share good conversations, sometimes silly, often about serious stuff, but always good in some way. 

While waiting for our lunch to arrive today I simply started shooting photos with my LG phone. And for my local friends, in case you are wondering, we were at Lulu’s. (Good eats, by the way.) The colors on the wall, the seating, the lights, and the natural light coming through the window, the two strangers eating by themselves, all came together for this candid shot. I’m surprised at how well it came out, and now I’m on a mission to take more pics with my phone. 

Sometimes inspiration comes to me easily, as in the opportunity to take the photo at Lulu’s. I’m finding that having a camera always in my possession is connected to those little moments. But when I was recently asked about what inspires me I had to stop and think.  

What really breathes new life into me? 

So far I have come up with a few things, but I’m certain this list is going to grow:

  • Nature: Seeing the beauty of each season, in the details and in the broad vistas, learning that God Is by viewing creation, watching it evolve….coming to understand just how precious it all is.
  • Family: Being with my family, especially my own children because it is so rare that I can be with them. Seeing them and loving them for the wonderful people they are. Still being amazed that I carried them, gave birth to them, and watched them grow.
  • Mark: My husband inspires me as he gives me an example of how to be a better person. Then there is the sparkle in his eyes, his sense of humor (he lives with me, after all), his friendship and companionship. 
  • Words: well written books, words that come from the heart, words that surprise me in their depth and wisdom. I’m inspired that others have the courage to put their words out there or on paper. And I’m amazed at how a word can teach you so much when you make it your word for a year.  
  • Light: how it shines through the leaves, how it looks in the morning and the evening, how it reflects, how it warms and sparkles. And the challenge to catch that light in a photo.
  • Photography: because of how it records what we all see, how we see it and when, unique and interesting, thought provoking, moving me deep down inside.
What is your inspiration? Perhaps you can think about what inspires you and share it here, or go take a photo of what breathes new life into you.