Feminine Influence

We met Her, there in that sacred space, in surprising places.
She smiled at me from the side of an old fence post…
And she inspired us in the art form of sculpture…

with her head bowed as she sees something
being born, coming to life, within her… from her…
 And I saw Her smile on the face of each person there.

Finding our sacred space

House of Joy

I have been to a sacred place. A place that a group of women created together.  Where we shared our stories, some tears, some laughter, and loving friendship. This is the front porch of the old house, fittingly called “House of Joy”, where we stayed.

Oak trees

The old house is surrounded by mature trees that are changing to fall colors almost as we watch.  Though the weather was cool, it was such a treasure for me to be out among all this and just drink it in.  To learn more about this location, click here.

the bell

I looked at this bell and thought of how it has been used to summon people, to signal a time for meals or perhaps for other things.  And I also thought of how each of us was drawn to this place at this time with this particular group of women…as though our inner compass compelled us to be there.  

our sacred place

It may only look like a room, but it will always be a place where healing began.  There was no big formula, no fancy technique.  We simply shared our stories, and carefully listened to each other. 

Whenever we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to open up and share who we really are, and when we can do that with friends we really trust….I think all of that together becomes something sacred, no matter where it occurs.  

Have you had that opportunity to meet with friends and say what is on your heart?  How have you created that kind of sacred space in your own life?

(More images from the weekend will be shared over the next few days.)

Sometimes you just need a lift

Some days it’s just hard to smile,
And your heart feels kind of heavy,
And you can’t hide the hurt, but you want to.
Days like that, you just need a reason to laugh,
To smile in spite of it all.
Then an image or a soft kind word
Or a gesture from a friend
Comes along at just the right time.
And before you know it,
The grin has reappeared.
The smile spreads from your face
to your heart.
Who knew 
that this friendly alpaca
saw right through me
and knew just how to make me smile!

Goin’ my way

a single pathway

You can’t see what is over the top of that hill.  

All you know is there is a path leading up and you take it.  Each step seems a bit awkward, as though not carefully planned, and you fear that you may just stumble and fall, so you cautiously move ahead.

What goes through your mind? Where do your eyes lead you? Forward? Or back where you came from?  Do you reach the top?

How would you finish this part of your story?