Butterfly II

What is it about butterflies that attracts us? Is it their bright colors? Is it the fact that they fly and maybe we secretly would like to do that, too?  Or is it the metamorphosis that occurs as they come into being?  
For me, the answer is all of the above.  What I seem to identify with the most is that metamorphosis, that change, the blossoming and spreading of the wings in order to fly.
I’m still enjoying the new perspective on life as I look for the textures, shapes, and colors in my everyday life, amazed at what I see now that has been so easily overlooked before.  
All it took was that question, “What is the color of your day?”  In this moment, it is red.  The red of this little flower.  And it is green, as in those green leaves.  And it is black and white with a touch of yellow here and a faint bit of red over there.  
My heart is filled with gratitude to be able to witness this.
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Wispy, feather of a cloud,
softly brushing the sky
as the evening song of 
summer bugs fills the air…
suspended there in the 
deep blue sky
shining with the fire 
of the setting sun…

It is as though you are 
there just to reflect 
that light, just to 
remind me of the fiery glow 
that filled this day,
promising to return in the morning.

My Spirit wants to fly 
up there
and catch the light 
and ride on your heavenly mist.

But I’m content 
to touch this small white feather
that lays in the grass,
knowing that once it shared
the wing of a bird
that soared among the clouds…

Deborah L. Tisch

Exploring the shapes of my day.


Morning color

Sun touched clouds in a pale blue sky
silently gliding
constantly shifting and changing
catching the light.
Morning sunlight
on my cat as he
peers inside from his perch,
golden light in his eyes.
filling the kitchen,
apricot walls aglow.
Soft skin of the fruit, 
the scent of apricot,
the texture, soft, juicy,
the flavor taking me
back to that tree I
climbed and played in
as a child.
Poem notes, written as part of an exercise for Inner Excavate – Along with Liz Lamoreux.  
I’m also happy to share today that Denise, author of a delightful blog called Uniquely Tea, has featured one of my photos on her blog post today about Constant Comment Tea.  Be sure to visit here blog and check out her recipe for Constant Comment Tea Cake!  

Trees to climb

I have come
from a beautiful place
filled with love and light, 
where daily living
brought forth works of art,
where work sometimes became play,
and there were always trees to climb.
I am here,
in a beautiful place
where I do my best to
share the love that I receive,
where simple images of the moment
speak to me of art and life,
where work is another way to create,
and the trees share their stories.
I go forward,
trusting that my journey
will always be filled with love,
that each day
will hold precious art to be discovered,
where I hope to express
my heart’s desire in my work and my play,
and where,
in the shade of the trees,
I will still listen to their whispers.
Deborah L. Tisch