Photo Collaboration 2

Recently I contacted my friend Cathy of Gramma’s Little Corner to see if she would participate in a photo collaboration similar to one I shared with you here.  I am so glad she said Yes, because I have admired her photographic skills for quite some time.  Plus, she’s a Grandma, and understands so many Gramma things…like how adorable grandchildren are in general but especially how your own grandkids just really top the charts.   

(But I digress….)

We agreed to photograph the morning, using the senses as our guide, then share our images with each other.  In other words, look at the morning through the senses of see, smell, taste, hear, touch, and know.   That last one is more of a sixth sense…what do you know about the morning.  I do want to add that this is not a “contest” to see who gets the better image, but simply a way to see what someone else sees as we share our results.

I’m glad to share those results with you today, including our own comments for each photo. Cathy’s images are shown on the left, mine on the right.

Cathy: “Photography has enabled me to see the world through different eyes; to find the beauty in ordinary things.”
Deb:  When I do my daily practice of yoga I always want to face East and see
the new light of day.  The summer sun just looks like gold on the oak
trees that I see outside that window.  I love that warm light.”
Cathy: “I water my flowers, plants and lawn; take a deep breath and smell the wet, damp earth.”
Deb:  “The aroma of fresh coffee in the morning is soothing and brings up a lot of good memories.”
Cathy: “I taste the honey nut flavor of my cereal for breakfast.”
Deb: “Most mornings I’m a toast with peanut butter and honey gal, but
sometimes it’s cereal.  If I take the time to savor each bite, I enjoy
that taste more.”
Cathy: “The sprinkler is on and I hear the pitter patter of the water drops on my Camellia bush.”
Deb: “It was cool enough to have my kitchen window open, and I could hear the
most wonderful wind chimes (something I don’t normally like). I listened
carefully and found the source – these cute little metal ones on a
(the porch of a) house nearby.” 
Cathy: “I touch the keyboard of my computer as I read my emails and the blogs that I follow.”
Deb: “The morning sun touches these old boards, just as my feet touch that same old porch floor.”
Cathy: “As I see the morning sky, I know I have a brand new day; a day  that I get to choose how to live.”
Deb: “What I know is that when morning comes, it’s a new day, a beginning, a place to start fresh, breathe deep, and have faith.”
Collaborating with someone in a project like this is inspiring, informative, and motivating.  I’m inspired with Cathy’s images, as I knew I would be. She is really great at macro photography, as you can see by her images here.  It’s also interesting to see the similarities and the differences in what we saw through our respective lenses. Be sure to visit Cathy at her website to see what she has to say about our experience.
This collaboration idea is not original with me. It came to me through Liz.  But it is something that really resonates with me and I’d like to hear if it does with you, too.  If you think you’d be interested in a photo collaboration with me please let me know in a comment here. 


A photo collaboration

The challenge was to pair up with someone, take photos either while together or apart, then come together.  Then compare your images that each chose for the senses: see, smell, taste, hear, touch, and know.  I decided to join forces with Rose, a person in the Flickr group for Inner Excavate-Along, and see what would happen.  

Rose lives on the West Coast and we have never met in person.  We are both participating in this online event, and we agreed to take photos on Saturday and share them.  I am happy to share our results with you.  The images in each pair show my own image on the left and Rose’s on the right.


Rose shared these words, These are all from the SummerFest Blueberry Festival at the Wellbrook
Winery in Ladner, British Columbia, BC, about 20 minutes north of where I
live in Point Roberts, WA.  They had a Vintage car show, a quilt show, a
craft fair, lots of food and kids stuff and a model train show.  The
pie eating contest was especially fun (and messy).

The images I shared here are from a photo walk with Becky and Shelly that included Schoonover Park and St. Rose Catholic Church in Lima, Ohio. 

To read the comments on the Flickr page, click here.

I See You

It is a very intimate act to turn the camera toward yourself and take some self portraits. 

It’s quite another intimate, scary, vulnerable thing to ask a friend if you can take her photo and let her take photos of you as well.  Liz Lamoreux proposed that we give this a try as part of our inner-excavate-along. My dear friend, Gayle, was willing to share this experience with me, and we met at a local park Tuesday morning for our photo shoot.  We were both nervous, felt all silly and didn’t know what to do, but we did this anyway.  Here are photos and our reactions, in our own words.

Photos of Gayle taken by Deb

I can’t thank you enough for spending time with me this
morning, sharing this adventure of taking portraits of each other.  It
was a beautiful experience…I don’t know how else to describe it. 

Don’t think I mentioned to you that last night I even had a dream that
spoke to me of feeling very vulnerable and exposed.  It takes courage to
allow someone else to See us.

When I finally got home this evening and looked on my camera, I
found that I really took relatively few photos of you!  My own shyness about having someone take my
photo impacted my actions of taking photos of you.

The “New You” photo…I hope you see how wonderful you look now that your body has changed in such a positive way. 

“Fabulous Smile” is my very favorite. You smile all the time! And
you really have a wonderful smile, especially when you are not nervous
in front of the camera. There are so many times when we talk, and when I
see you working at school with your students, and when you are with
people at church…so many times I see you smiling just like this. 

I see a woman who is confident and loving and whose heart is filled with Light.

a Story” is another favorite of mine, wind blown hair and all.  I guess
it reminds me that we have great conversations. And that through all
these talks I have learned how gracious and caring you are.

“Talk with hands” is what it is!  We both do this. How can we not talk without using gestures??? 

“Light” is the last one…  I like the soft light in this one, but I
really really like the expression on your face.  This photo reminds me
of your faith. I think it’s because you are looking up, looking toward
heaven if you will. I’m probably only partially aware of the struggles
you have in your personal life, but, you know, I never hear a complaint
from you.  Maybe I hear the stress come through now and then, but I
don’t think you have ever been angry or cynical about what life has
brought to you.  You have not spoken of that to me.  I have learned so much from your example, Gayle.

So. My favorites are Fabulous Smile and Light.   I see you in those two images.


Photos of Deb taken by Gayle
Dear Deb,
I have named
your photos as well, and it’s amazing that my favorite of YOU is the
one in which you are looking up.  Maybe we have spirituality in common,
and it is exemplified by that upward gaze.  You look so young, and so
pure in that one….
The photo of your hands is an important one.  You
are cradling the camera, and you are also holding onto yourself in a
very protective way.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t been very protective
of myself during parts of my life, that I appreciate that quality in
you.  Hearing you speak about making  a conscious choice to be more
contemplative in your life, and giving yourself the time for things like
Yoga, photography, reading, and so on, is inspiring to me.
The “So Slender You” photo is so pretty!!  Do you
ever think of yourself as pretty?  Because you most certainly are!  I
think that’s one of the really hard parts about allowing ourselves to be
photographed.  We have to face the reality of our age and our
vulnerability at seeing ourselves as (perhaps) others see us.
 I know
that for me, I feel younger on the inside than I look on the outside.
 Sometimes I even feel like that little girl that still gets excited
about big things, or feels sad about small things.  Do you ever feel
that way too?
You have a special ability to find the beauty in
things around you, and it is reflected in your radiant face.  The photo I
call “Deb” shows that natural smile and humor that is you!   I love
looking at the photos on your blog because of that.  Your photos are
breathtaking, but it’s your accompanying words that truly bring them to
life.  Seeing and reading your blog helps me to pause and to remember
that life is more than clock-watching, hurrying, and working. 
Today was very special, Deb.  Thank you for inviting

Inner Excavation

There are times, as you may well know, when just the right inspiration comes along, at the right moment, and your creativity awakens after a long, much needed rest.  That has definitely been the case for me in the last five weeks.  I stumbled upon this free read-along with Liz Lamoreux and her book “inner excavation”.  Our read-along is in week 6 (of a total of 7 weeks), but her book is so full of inspiration that I’m sure I’ll be going back to it frequently.   Be sure to check out her blog. If you like photography, writing, and/or mixed media artwork, please check out her book.  You will not be disappointed.

The artwork you see here is a collage I finished Sunday, a self portrait.  To see the other two pieces I created just click on the Flickr photo-stream box on the right side of this page. (Those of you receiving this by email will need to go to the blog to see the link.)  I got my hands covered with paint and glue…and it felt fabulous!

Its back to my normal part time work schedule this week.  That means there will be more paint on my hands…but I have to make sure I don’t get it on the camera.  

Have a wonderful Monday!