Touching the earth

Running barefoot 
in grass damp with dew.

It’s the simplicity of it.
Touching the earth.
Feeling the cool, soft dirt,
the fragile blades of grass,
Smelling the aroma of spring
and hearing the blue birds
in their morning song.

How could I have waited so long
to do this simple thing again?
And how could I shackle myself 
to the foolish thought
that this was not important, 
not worthy of my attention?    How could I?

Because the sensations
of walking barefoot in the wet grass
unleash that playful spirit, 
that part of my soul that longs to be free.

I have unshackled my Soul
simply by 
removing those shoes
and touching 
the earth.

Deborah L. Tisch

In The Picture

Haircut Day

Have you ever taken your camera into the beauty shop on purpose?
So that you can get a self portrait during a haircut? Talk about feeling vulnerable…
I so appreciate my hairdresser.  
She knows just how to twist and trim and shape and style my straight hair.
We often settle the problems of the world during my appointment.  
Haircut Day is almost a holy day.
Do you know what I’m sayin’ here?
In The Picture


Like my blogging friend, Cathy, I almost did not continue with this self portrait thing.  It is hard to do and can seem pretty silly at times.  But there are things to learn from this…and when I figure that out I’ll let you know.  

I think one of those has a lot to do with learning to like yourself just as you are.
I’m workin’ on it….

In The Picture


Being messy, getting paint on my hands, working on
a few things simultaneously…you may get to see the results 
in a few days. This time I’m not in a rush. Just kind of waiting to 
see, or hear, what is to be done to this box, that piece of wood,
that bunch of fabric, and an old mask I’m painting. It’s fun!
This photo is for the February prompts for {in the picture}
The challenge is to take a photo of myself and add some writing.
I promise to be more creative with this one as the month progresses.
Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and kind comments on my last post.
I’m happy to report that my mom came through her surgery well, 
and that baby Charlie is improving.