Corn flowers

This morning I was in the middle of a big softball field, flat on my belly, facing the sun, surrounded by corn flowers.  

It is one of those days when my heart (or, that little voice) just says get the camera and go out and find something.  

Found it.

While I have really had a week full of creating, painting, gluing, messing….it is this that inspires me the most…looking around and seeing the beauty through my lens.

Butterfly II

What is it about butterflies that attracts us? Is it their bright colors? Is it the fact that they fly and maybe we secretly would like to do that, too?  Or is it the metamorphosis that occurs as they come into being?  
For me, the answer is all of the above.  What I seem to identify with the most is that metamorphosis, that change, the blossoming and spreading of the wings in order to fly.
I’m still enjoying the new perspective on life as I look for the textures, shapes, and colors in my everyday life, amazed at what I see now that has been so easily overlooked before.  
All it took was that question, “What is the color of your day?”  In this moment, it is red.  The red of this little flower.  And it is green, as in those green leaves.  And it is black and white with a touch of yellow here and a faint bit of red over there.  
My heart is filled with gratitude to be able to witness this.
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Flower Art Friday

I just can’t let the day end without sharing another day lily.
Linking here with my friend LeAnne for Flower Art Friday #9.
I have a girl friend outing tomorrow that I’m very excited about, and yes, the camera is going with me.  Maybe you, too, can take the time to hang out with a friend, take a photo or two, write in your journal, or start a journal if you haven’t done that yet.  But no matter what you choose, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Sending you peace and blessings….