The rain came today

We are so grateful for what rain we have received today.  Did not even mind getting a little wet walking from the car to go inside.  Rumor has it we may get more this evening.  

My little garden by my back door is happy, and the dirt is still damp from that rain.  A few tomatoes on my one tomato plant are beginning to turn from green to yellow.  Just thinking about picking a fresh, red, ripe tomato off the vine makes my mouth water.

Meanwhile, my paints and papers and glue are beckoning.  Have to see what I can create this evening.


vintage stuff

Sometimes, on a Saturday, Mark and I will take off in the car and go somewhere, just to enjoy being out of the house and be together.  It’s a change of routine that we often enjoy.  On those little trips I usually have either my DSLR with me, or, like today, I just use my cell phone.  (an LG phone)

Using my phone for photos is not my first choice, but it does work fairly well.  If you are one of those who takes lots of photos using your phone, I have a little piece of advice.  Check the lens and make sure it is clean.  It is amazing how gummy and dirty those little lenses can become.  Scuzzy may be the right word for how mine looked the other day.  

Today we made our way to a favorite antique place along I-75 in Findlay, Ohio.  You can spend hours in there, going from booth to booth, seeing all the amazing stuff that is on display.  After a while it all seems to look the same to me.  The same old dishes, same funky lamps and vases, furniture from  when I was a kid.  

This old typewriter was one of the cool things we saw today.  I am amused at the word “Noiseless”!  I wonder if it really was?

And there was this pink “exercise” thingy. I don’t know what the actual name of it was, but I do remember seeing these advertised on TV.  I think all the machine did was shake you. You put the strap around your middle and turn the thing on and it vibrated.

Will someone tell me how that helped get you in shape?  

This little tea party of stuffed animals and dollies just called to the little girl in me.  I know, it’s just an arrangement.  But…what happens when we are not looking? What happens after dark when all the shop keepers go home? 

There is always an abundance of old iron skillets, as you see here, in various shapes and sizes.  I have an iron skillet that I use pretty regularly, so I often wonder how a cook could give these up.

We came home saying that there was nothing at the antique shop that just had to come home with us.  It was just good to get out and see our little part of the world for a while.  I followed this up with a lovely two hour nap on the couch, accompanied by two cats.  

A lovely day indeed.