April Poetry ~ Specials

Specials of the day

The “specials” are not
on your plate. This color fest
shines bold while you eat.
* * * * * * *
At a diner in Hannibal, MO, last week, I kept looking at the art work on display and could not keep from it.  So many different paintings…a true feast for the soul.

My final poem for April! Though I did not meet my goal of a poem each day, I did enjoy putting these together and sharing them with you.  Thanks for staying with me and for your encouraging words.  

18 Years

love birds

Eighteen years ago today
We walked down the isle
and were scared to death, 
each of us, for our own reasons.
Our legs may not be as limber
as these two love birds,
but we don’t care.
Love doesn’t keep track of
those kinds of things.
We each take our turn
at editing the verbiage on 
the back of the marriage license,
because we invent new ‘responsibilities’ 
for each other.
And we laugh a lot
because that’s just how we roll at our house.
We’re more in love now
than we ever imagined.
We still walk hand in hand,
share lunch together almost every day,
respect and trust one another,
and look forward to what tomorrow brings,
because we know we’ll be in this
–Deborah L. Tisch
Of all the poetry I’ve written this month, 
this one was by far the easiest.

Words will appear

Daffodils on my morning walk

When I try to hard
To make the words rhyme
And try to impress you
…time after time…
I throw up my hands,
Erase all those words,
Thinking to myself
How they sound so absurd.
Then I sit back and breathe
To relax in the chair,
Stare at the screen,
Try not to despair,
Because sooner or later
The words will appear
In my mind and I’ll know
I have nothing to fear.
For soon it will come
Just as these words do now,
The story will write itself
Though I don’t know how.
Deborah L. Tisch, April 19, 2014
* * * * * * *
No, the image has nothing to do with the poem.  I went for a walk early this morning and took this image, and thought all day that I’d write about what a beautiful walk it was.  Those words did not come, so what you see here is what took place.  

To those of you who celebrate Easter I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!