Black and White Wednesday ~ Downtown

Couple walking downtown
What would you write…
a story about a couple walking in the city?
Or the spy in the building looking through her lens?
Perhaps that mysterious white triangle there on the right…
Or some imaginary person on a rooftop…
So many possibilities.
How would you begin your story?

My Memory Art

Winter Collage

winter collage
Ice hanging from the sides of houses, 
a foot of snow from multiple snow storms
and beautiful, lace-like frost
touching the smallest things
and bringing them into winter light.
Even though I’m ready for spring
I can still see the beauty of this winter season.
How about you?
How would you summarize winter in an image?

My monochrome world

Not only am I enjoying my August Break, I am also really having a fabulous time taking my images just in black and white.  Suddenly I’m paying more attention to contrasts, to light and shadow, to the textures that appear when color is not utilized.  My collection of monochrome images is growing.

Today I am sharing a photo and poem with my friends at Vision and Verb.
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Vision and Verb