The Monday After

preparing dinner

Thanksgiving dinner for twenty five.  Numerous cooks, one kitchen, family everywhere. Laughter of small children running around.  My dad telling his stories.  Getting food ready to serve.  My daughter was in the kitchen preparing potatoes…how can you have a holiday dinner without mashed potatoes?

mom preparing food

My mom was also in the kitchen at times, though we all tried to let her rest and just enjoy the day.  Side by side, my daughter and her grandmother, working together to prepare that delicious meal.  

As I have sifted back through the images of that day, that wonderful holiday, these two photos caught my eye.  By changing focus I have lead your eye to look at a different pair of hands.

This symbolic shift.  From one generation to another.  Working together. Creating. 

Making memories.



Queen Ann’s Lace is one of my favorite blooms.  All summer I have tried to capture it’s lace and perfection, to no avail. 

During my walk in the rain I saw all these different stages of growth and decay.  

I’m reminded again of how there is a season for everything.  And there is beauty in each of those seasons.

It is my hope that you can take some of this beauty with you, in your heart, as you go through your day.

Peace and blessings….  Deb

A Walk in the Rain

Monday morning, the beginning of a new week, and rain is falling.  

A gentle rain, just what we need after all this time of drought.  The sounds of the drops on the roof almost lull me back to sleep.  Gentle, quiet sounds. 

I only had to think about it for a minute or two, then I did what my heart was telling me…put on a jacket, and hat, grabbed the camera and went to a park.  Then I intentionally walked in the rain, for the first time in years.  

Why is it that we want to do this when we are kids, want to play in the rain, and then when we “grow up” we decide it’s not a good idea?  

When I could feel the rain running behind my ears I decided to get back home.   

What stays with me is the soft music of the rain falling on the earth, a sweet bunch of robins gathering worms from the moist ground, the aroma of the rain and the damp earth, and the glistening jewels on everything.