Beautiful Packages

I simply love this seed pod. 

Just wanted to share it with you.

I hope your week is going well, that each day brings you
something new, 
something good and challenging,
to help you stretch and grow.

Things like 
plenty of sunshine,
good amounts of water,
healthy food,
and good friends.

All those things together
help germinate whatever is coming from you.  

I have no doubt that what
will bloom
will be amazing,
and perfect,
and beautiful.


Breaking open

waiting to be born

There it was, hidden behind the tall grass, surrounded by vegetation, hardly seen by anyone unless you were just at the right spot.   A precious egg, warmed by the sun, waiting to hatch. The shape of it so different, making it stand out.  

I felt I was witnessing a small miracle.

Lately I have been drawn to water everywhere.  That stream I wrote about yesterday, the river image from a few weeks ago that made me think of the movie “A River Runs Through It”.  The sound of the water flowing over rocks in that stream last weekend was like music to my ears, and I just wanted to wade in that water and let it soak into me. Then we were at this marsh, listening to birds, watching turtles and frogs all over the place.

Everything I have written lately, in my private journal, has dealt with water in some way.  Drawings I have made, gratitude lists that have been written…  

Do you see the pattern here?  Water, water everywhere.

I think it is the water of a birth of sorts, a new beginning.

Recently, I shared my story of what it was like to share art with others, and a friend said to me that she was glad to have witnessed my ‘birth’.  The telling of that experience had brought me to tears, good tears I must add.

Add to all this that I have been wrestling for a while with how to be present here, on this blog, and what needs to change.  I’m in that position now where I can see where it is all leading me, where I can see that something beautiful is being formed within and will soon break open and manifest itself.  And everywhere I have pointed my camera lens recently…the images that draw me in are telling me to pay attention.  

This evening I spent time in deep conversation with a dear friend, my spiritual director.  During that time of sharing it finally became clear to me that I want to share my story here, but in a different way.  Because when I share my story, when I tell you my truth here, something shifts in me and in you.  It was in conversation, in stating out loud to her what I had in mind, that I really heard what I was saying to my self, and finally understood.

This water, this egg on a nest hidden from view, these nudges that pull and tug at my heart and point me in directions that my head tries to resist…it is as though I have been swirling and floating and waiting to get through something. 

All I need to do is listen to my heart. 


And so it begins…

always began toward the end of August where I lived, which is why
this time of year finds me remembering the sights and sounds
connected with walking to school. The air was always just a bit
cooler in the late summer mornings, the grass damp with dew. There
was excitement in the air, anticipation of what the year would bring.

by my computer this morning is a box of fresh new crayons, with
perfectly shaped points, in an unblemished box. I put them to my
nose, just like I once did in elementary school, and inhale that
unique smell of wax, which then makes me think of school rooms and
cleaned floors and mimeographed papers. There was always something
special about starting the school year with a fresh supply of these
bright colors, along with the paper and pencils, and new shoes.
this crayon box there are terms that were not there years ago, the
color described in three languages instead of one, and words like
“non-toxic” and “made with solar energy”, plus the address
for a website…totally unheard of when I made all those daily walks
on that well worn sidewalk. This world of today is so different.
It’s heart warming to see that a simple tool for drawing remains
pretty much unchanged, in spite of what the packaging may say.
feels very much like an incredible new beginning as I share my image
and words here. In some ways I’m like a giddy little school girl,
jumping up and down and squealing. This opportunity is going to
make me stretch and grow in new ways, and there is a little bit of
fear of the unknown in that.
I’m also reaching for my favorite box of tools, looking for that
which is familiar in this ever changing world. I feel the waxy
surface of the orange crayon, the paper wrap that is still intact,
and I wonder…just what I can create with this?
Today I am happy to share my post here at

Memories, Dreams, Reflections of 2011

Today I am linking to Ashley Sisk’s project called “Memories, Dreams, and Reflections”. Using a series of photos taken in 2011, I’m sharing some fun things about my life, my year, and my favorite images.  She gave us a list to work on, and each photo is captioned according to what was on the list. (Fair warning: there are many grandson photos included here!)
1. Me. Ashley asks “What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2011?”
I’ve grown in many ways, but as a photographer has to be at the top of my list.

2. ” I love you.”  This wonderful man is the one I love. 
3. Still Laughing.  Laughing about the many faces of this child.
In the lower left you see his “freak out” pose…kind of a look of surprise,
mixed with the Incredible Hulk kind of posture.  
4. Winter Wonderland. Squirrel tracks in front of my house.
5. Birthday. That wonderful grandson and all that cake…
6. Friends. Marlene and Marybeth. We make messes create stuff together.
I love these gals!
7. I was the colors on this old boat
and the texture of the sand and water.
8. Spring Fever. My daffodils last spring, full of light. *sigh….
9. Travel or Vacation. We spent a some time at Lakeside
with John and Gayle. This is one of the cottages there. Magical, isn’t it?
10. Summer Days. The Allen County Fair. 
11. A Day in My Life. Last week. First the dog, Solo,
was on my lap, then Garrett had to be held. 
Grandma’s live for moments like this.
12. All Smiles.  We had a great road trip to see my
parents, and we became a Tribe.
13. Autumn Harvest. I just love these gourds.
14. Family or Home. The heart(h) of our home.
15. Celebrate!  This photo represents the Apple Fest (a harvest celebration) we visited
in the fall in Van Wert, Ohio. Both the apples and the mum came from there.
16. Let’s Do It Again!  I’d go to the lake again tomorrow
if I could enjoy the warm sun and the view of the sailboats.
17. I miss you! My son and daughter. 
I’m so proud of them and their spouses…
18. Beautiful. Morning sunlight in my neighborhood last spring.
19. Dress up. My little friend Natalie with wings…
20. Macro. My favorite macro image of some sedum.
21. Holidays. From Labor Day weekend, my favorite
image of the summer coming to a close…
22. My Favorite. This is my favorite image from the year.
23. Don’t Ever Change. Rossfeld can be a royal rascal,
but I don’t think I want him any other way.
23. Don’t Ever Change (Part 2)
Yes, Yeller, I love you, too.
24. Just Because.  
Taken in RAW format, edited with Lightroom 3. 
My entire photographic experience is changing,
and I love it!
25. Hopes and Dreams for 2012
I want to journal more, explore photography, learn to love cooking,
and let my muse lead me to create new things. It is exciting to think of
new beginnings, isn’t it?
Happy New Year!
Linking up with Ashley Sisk.
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