A touch of Autumn

At the end of last month I noticed that first ‘blush’ of fall colors on the trees, enhanced by the soft light of the fog.  

A touch of autumn color

The park took on a mysterious, magical look.

Fog in the park

And one look at the ball field, with the empty stands, closed up concession stand, and chain link fence told me that the sounds of summer have fallen silent.

Quiet ball field

Though I will miss those sounds and the deep green of summer, I look forward to the changes of Autumn.  I think it is my favorite season of the year.

Have a great weekend!


Morning walk

First it was the brilliant leaves that drew me in, then it was the dogs taking their owner for a walk and the tangling that happened.   This made me smile.

This morning I’m reminded that moments such as this go on all around us every day.  We don’t hear about them in our daily routines.  We have to seek them out.  

Be at peace, and enjoy the beauty of this day.