Sculptures on display

We visited Troy, Ohio, yesterday to view an amazing array of sculptures that are on display in the downtown area.  This display is from The Sculpture Foundation, and features work by the artist Seward Johnson.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Sidewalk Judge

This is called “Sidewalk Judge”.  I wanted to show him in the place he is on display, which is just perfect. Sitting on a bench, looking at the street, maybe thinking of what kind of work he used to do, maybe he was really a judge and misses that.  

These sculptures are so life like.  We saw some people on another bench and I thought it was yet another display, but my hubby saw them move…so we left them alone. 

Bunnies don't bite

Down the street from the Sidewalk Judge you can see this lovely little scene, called “Bunnies Don’t Bite”. The little boy has a brush in his hand and is learning about bunnies from this kind lady.

Photo shoot

This one is called “Photo Shoot”.  That woman in the pink top on the right is real…but the family on the left is the sculpture.  I wanted you to get a sense of the scale of these.  You can learn more about the artist and his work by clicking on those links at the top of this post.  It’s a good read and worth your time.

What kind of camera is that?

Of course, I wanted to know what kind of camera the dad is using.  Looks to me like he covered up the name of the camera with black tape for security reasons.

Can you see the details on his hands?  

I have a couple more of these that I will share over the next couple of days.

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!