The colors at the fair

That middle of the day, deep blue summer sky
Colorful flags pointing toward the sky and the cotton candy clouds
The sudsy water of grooming and caring, and cute little pink socks
Hot pink in a horse barn
Colorful feathers of her little pet chicken
The piece of straw on her head
The red and white in the poultry barn
~Scenes from the Allen County Fair~

Summer colors

 The colors of summer…
green leaves on the soybeans,
different shades of that green on the trees,
golden tassels on the corn,
the soft haze of a warm summer evening,
and the palest blue, almost white sky.

Saturday’s Image – July 21st

From my recent photo walk in downtown Lima, a photo of our court house, taken
from the 14th floor of the Chase Bank building.
Speaking of photo walks, I’m off with my two camera buddies this morning for more fun and laughter.  
I encourage you to turn off the news, go hug your loved ones, and make the most of every moment. And in the meantime, please send loving prayers and thoughts to all of those who are suffering because of senseless acts of violence.
Enjoy that cup of coffee and have a fabulous day!

The rain came today

We are so grateful for what rain we have received today.  Did not even mind getting a little wet walking from the car to go inside.  Rumor has it we may get more this evening.  

My little garden by my back door is happy, and the dirt is still damp from that rain.  A few tomatoes on my one tomato plant are beginning to turn from green to yellow.  Just thinking about picking a fresh, red, ripe tomato off the vine makes my mouth water.

Meanwhile, my paints and papers and glue are beckoning.  Have to see what I can create this evening.