Time to play


Sitting at my kitchen table yesterday morning I looked out the window and noticed these two boys walking along.  It only took a moment for them to notice the huge pile of leaves that have been gathered so the city workers can sweep them up and haul them away.  In a flash they each took a running leap and fell into that pile of leaves, just like we all have done at one time or another.  

I watched them for several minutes and laughed at their antics.  They jump and fell into those leaves time and again, through the leaves at each other, thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Oblivious to time and demands and school.  I finally got up and ran to get my camera, and by the time I was looking out the window the two had moved on to a different pile of leaves, repeating the same fun and leaf smashing.  

I could not help but smile to myself, and I kind of wanted to just go out there and join them.  to just let all responsibility go by the wayside and enjoy the moment.  Instead, I quietly opened a door and took a few images of them as they decided to move on, talking and laughing….and coming back to the reality that they needed to get to school.  I love the ‘evidence’  left on the street…that splash of leaves that no longer sit in the pile.

What a great reminder to play!  How soon we forget to do that as we ‘grow up’ and embark on our lives, our careers, raising families, working to pay the bills.   

May you find your own pile of leaves to play in today, real or imagined. 

Morning walk

First it was the brilliant leaves that drew me in, then it was the dogs taking their owner for a walk and the tangling that happened.   This made me smile.

This morning I’m reminded that moments such as this go on all around us every day.  We don’t hear about them in our daily routines.  We have to seek them out.  

Be at peace, and enjoy the beauty of this day.



Softly touching down
landing just where he’s supposed to.
Balanced, poised, lacy winged perfection.
I have fallen in love with dragonflies this summer…
in case you hadn’t noticed.

Lima’s First National Bank & Trust Building

I was fortunate to be part of a photo walk in downtown Lima last week that allowed us to go inside this fabulous old bank building. I was really interested in seeing the old stained glass window, because you can’t see it from the outside since it is protected by an opaque window.
 Some of you who are reading this are from Lima and have probably been inside this bank when it was open and flourishing.  I would love to hear your stories of what it was like.
 The detail on the ceiling was the most impressive part for me. The colors, the detail, the little lady sitting up there in the corner looking down at all the transactions taking place.  I know that the owner is in the process of restoring this place…a tremendous undertaking, well worth it.

And there is more to the story of this great structure….

  Aside from its importance as a historic site, the First National Bank and Trust Building plays a leading part in local ornithology: the building is a nesting site for Peregrine Falcons and is part of the Midwest Peregrine Falcon Restoration Project.” 
You can read more about this building here.