On this rainy autumn morning I have been playing a bit and intentionally messing up while I take a photo or two.  I love the abstract look of this lilac bush, taken through my kitchen window, purposely blurred and out of focus. 
 I played with some presets in Lightroom and really liked the warm feel of these colors.  The original image is a green plant in the window sill.
This last one looks like feathers painted on a canvas to me.  It’s actually an evergreen tree and a bush with red leaves outside my living room window.
I set my camera to manual mode, 1/5 of a second, 5.6 aperture, ISO 400. I used manual focus and then moved the camera on purpose. I found that if I started moving the camera before pressing the shutter I got the “look” I wanted.  I used the kit lens that came with the camera, 18 – 55mm, set at 55mm. 
What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite?