Spiritual Direction

I believe that the mystery we call God is present in all of us, as near as the very air we breathe, lovingly guiding us with each step we take.  I believe that in the context of holy listening we can discern God’s movement and presence.  When we find ourselves thirsting for something more, the practice of spiritual direction can help bring us closer to God, closer to that living well that will never run dry.

Spiritual direction is a safe place to explore faith, to work through times of change, to learn  to listen to your heart.  And yet it is so much more.  Often we long for someone to hear our story, or to walk with us as we grieve, or celebrate small victories as we learn to be who we truly are.  That can happen in spiritual direction.

As a spiritual companion (also known as spiritual director) I meet with individuals in person, but can also meet by phone or Skype if distance is an issue.    To learn more about spiritual direction or to set up a time to meet please use the contact form below.  You can also call or text me at (660) 833-7471.