Celebrating Home, Creativity, and Family

My first collage

Pictured here is a collage I have made with a favorite  oatmeal cookie recipe and my Grandma Handell’s photo. I love doing this! I have been inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts book, “Taking Flight.”  But more importantly, as I made this and put the different layers on it I thought about home making, about Grandma and what she taught me by example.

I saw a painting in the back of a craft magazine that touched me. An elderly woman is sitting in a stuffed chair, looking rather lonely and forlorn. The caption said something about not having anything else to create. I found it rather sad. This is what happened to Grandma in a way. Her eyesight failed due to glaucoma, her health and mobility failed and she was sooooo depressed that we could not reach her. Many of her last months, days, years were spent in the lazy boy chair by the phone. Waiting. No longer working with her hands.
One of Grandma’s braided rugs
In my garage is what remains of a wool braided rug that she made long ago. It is falling apart, probably stained from animals and bugs and who knows what…but I can’t bring myself to destroy it or throw it out. Because she created it, and I remember her doing it. This was a big deal; a huge table set up in her sun room just for the rug making. I helped her rip out part that was not sewn together right, and we both had blisters on our fingers from it. But I helped her. I helped her do something “grownup.”
Grandma Handell

Many of the quilts I slept under (pieces of which appear in my art now) were made from old dresses and shirts, even old wool coats. She used what she had. How can we ever know what all that time at the sewing machine did for her, what the countless yummy meals she cooked for family and friends caused her to think of, or how much she liked the look on our faces when she baked those oatmeal cookies or cinnamon rolls? Our lives were the better for it.

These pieces of art I created are celebrations of that which lives within. Learning to listen and wait for that instruction to come from the heart, seeing that it will work even though my head says maybe not, and learning to be content with the outcome. Being brave enough to share it with someone I love, or put it on display in my own home so others will see it.

I wonder if someday a grandchild of mine will be putting something I created into a memorial or put into a piece of art, or even think of it?  What kind of life do I want to live now? What kind of legacy do I need to leave behind when my journey in this body, on this earth, is finished?  Food for thought….

Harvest Time

Somewhere in Indiana – October 2010 

The cycle of the seasons is to me the best part of living in the Midwest. New growth in spring, full bloom in summer, harvest in the fall, and rest and renewal in winter.

Starting this blog is one of my “harvests” this year, after months of cultivating and tending. There is the awareness that some ideas/thoughts in my life have to be allowed to fall, to go away. Making room in my daily living for growing is replacing that which has to die.

What is your harvest this fall? Was it hard to let go and allow something new to take root? Did someone help you or did you have to make the change alone?

Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday! May yours be filled with peace, good food, family, friends, and lots of time to be grateful.

You have to start somewhere.

That’s me, telling myself that I just need to get this going.  I’m not perfect, therefore this blog does not have to be perfect, it just needs to reflect who I am and where I am on the journey.  So that is what you’ll find here.  Nothing fancy or earth shattering. Notes from me.

Each of us is on our own unique path. And along the way we all have moments that stand out, that make us who we are or change us in some way.  As I have become more aware, more present to the moment, I find that these  sacred times are more frequent.  Maybe, just maybe, if I get my stuff together I can share an image or a note about these little segments of my life.

That’s all. Just sharing. Opening my heart and letting you in, a little bit at a time.