About This Blog

When I began this blog in 2010, I named it “Learning As I Go”.  It was all about my adventures in photography and writing, becoming a grandmother, adjusting to all the changes that life brings.

My photography still feeds my soul, though the camera may not be used as often as before.  My writing serves the same purpose, but the posts here are much less frequent.  If you look into my sewing room you’ll see a stash of fabric for quilt making, paintings and collages here and there, and books to be read.  And our grandson is growing, full of love and life and such fun to be with.

The greatest change has been my spiritual formation, becoming a spiritual director, as well as working with dreams.  I value the conversations that happen in person, one on one, much more than what is on social media.

From all this beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) stuff of life comes what I share on these pages, because sometimes there are moments that touch my heart.  Then it overflows onto the page.

It’s a mixed bag, but I hope you will find it inspiring in some way.