At the Station

Waiting for Amtrak, La Plata, MO

It was the middle of September and we stood here waiting for our train to arrive. It was just a few minutes late, but that didn’t matter. We were on our way to the West coast to spend a few sunny days with our son and his beautiful girlfriend.



Southwest Chief, #3, on a break in New Mexico

Train travel has been part of my life since I was a little girl, and never fails to fascinate me. It is all about the view out the window. Seeing parts of this country that otherwise would be off the beaten path.  Someone else does the driving. You know where you will spend the night (we had a sleeper compartment). And the cooking is all taken care of. (Okay, this time the meals were microwaved since there were no chefs aboard to cook for you.)

We wore masks, as did everyone else, and social distanced the best we could. Having a sleeper gave us a place to stay separate as much as we wanted. (See for more about how they are addressing the pandemic.)

It was a good way for us to travel and so worth it. I will be sharing more in the coming days about our journey.  Even as I think about that I find it hard to believe that it has been over a month since we made the trip.

Here I am, typing this on my phone, watching snow fall for the first time this season. How I have missed the writing, the photography, the creative process. It is as if I packed all that in a bag and left it somewhere…maybe while waiting for something else.

Maybe I have been at The Train Station, waiting for this moment to arrive. I am not the same person who wrote that last post because we are always evolving, changing, growing, searching.

Every day brings something new, good or bad. Every road we take leads to more than we thought there would be. Each choice we make has a ripple effect that affects others.

The choice I’m making here is to “unpack”, to stay a while, share a good story now and then, and simply be myself. Maybe the ripples that go out will be good for all.

Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if I get a far off look whenever I hear a train whistle off in the distance.





8 Replies to “At the Station”

  1. Oh, how lovely! I cannot wait for the next “chapter” of the story. I am vicariously taking the trip along with you.

  2. Deborah, it’s wonderful to see you here again! Coincidentally, just before I saw your post, I had been thinking of revisiting (reviving?) my blog again. I miss the combination of photography and writing. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip and catching up with you.

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