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Elk and Bison

Here is the scene…just a few miles from my hometown in East Central Illinois, riding along with my daughter, grandson, and best friend, we were looking at a few farms within a two mile radius.  The whole purpose of our drive out there was to see baby goats, and we saw so much more than we bargained for…thanks to my friend who knew where to take us.

This photo stays in my mind because I was so surprised to see a herd of elk, with a couple of bison thrown in.  Initially this herd was way off in the distance, but that breeze carried our scent and got the attention off all these animals, and they came running.

Though the elk and bison were impressive they were not quite as entertaining as the goats.

Goats in the hayThe babies were adorable, especially as they tried to climb on a haystack that had just been placed in their pen.

Mama and baby goats

Mama and her babies were just as curious about us as we were about them.

It was a perfect day for our little farm tour, for lunch with my daughter and grandson, for time spent with my dear friend.  So much of that you just can’t capture in a photograph.  Sometimes you just have to simply be present and soak it all in.


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10 Replies to “Scene and Story – Homegrown Fun”

  1. I love seeing farmland and farm critters. It is such a nice escape from the city and cars and people.

  2. We aren’t too far from each other, and I have roots in Illinois, too. My favorite pic is the Mama goat with her head tilted at the camera. It makes me think she’s asking, “Can I eat that thing?” Loved this series of photos!

  3. What a wonderful way to spend a day! I’m not sure what it is about baby goats that makes them so appealing, but they really are irresistible. Their antics are just so funny! But it was your first photo that drew me in – it wasn’t what I expected to see in your neck of the woods, and I wondered where you had been! Great story!

  4. Goats are truly entertaining animals. Whenever I see them I’m delighted and love to watch them – as you obviously did as well.
    So glad that you could spend such a lovely day with people you love. That is what feeds our soul.

  5. So fun all of the critters that you saw on your farmland tour. You say you are in East Central illinois, and i am trying to figure out what that means. I was from Aurora, and also lived in Chicago. Love that elk herd and have never seen elk in Illinois before. Sounds as if you also had a lovely day connecting in a meaningful day, and yes that is hard to describe… something you have to experience. Love the shots and the story with your scene.

  6. I love baby goats, but the elk are incredibly impressive! Thank you for sharing your day with us.

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